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A Spooky Skeleton Banner

Happy Monday Everyone!!
I finally feel like I’m settling in a bit. Still feels like I’m running around non stop, but the boxes are becoming less and less and I’m getting some much needed crafting time in. Now I just need to set up my sewing machine.

Today I have my first Halloween Craft of the year for you. I have to admit, I’m not super big on Halloween, mainly because I’m a scaredy cat! I can’t watch scary movies… I just hide under the blanket like a little girl… am I the only one?? Anyways… enough about my ridiculous fears, lol

I got these fun little skeleton dies from Lifestyle Crafts. I like to think they are smiling, hehe : )

Skeleton Banner

Cherishedbliss.com // Halloween Skeleton Banner #halloween #lifestyle crafts

 To make this fun little skeleton banner, or whom I like to call “my little guys”, I cut them out using my Epic 6 (seriously one of my favorite crafting tools!). If you are unfamiliar with this tool you can check out tutorial on using your Epic 6.

Once I had all my pieces cut out I used thread to glue the pieces together to give them a dangle-y look. It also allowed me to post them on the black web.

Cherishedbliss.com // Halloween Skeleton Banner #halloween #lifestyle crafts

I glue the main “body” portion of the skeleton directly to each other. I used the thread mainly for the legs and arms.

Cherishedbliss.com // Halloween Skeleton Banner #halloween #lifestyle crafts

Once all my skeletons were together I used orange baker’s twine to hang them on and form the skeleton banner. I just hot glued the twine onto the back of their heads.

Cherishedbliss.com // Halloween Skeleton Banner #halloween #lifestyle crafts

Do you notice the pallet backdrop? It’s the one I used in my summer mantel, I just added some black webbing from Menard’s (I’m pretty positive it’s at Walmart too… it’s just your basic Halloween webbing)

To hang the banner I glued the paper rosettes to thumbtacks and wrapped the baker’s twine around them.

Cherishedbliss.com // Halloween Skeleton Banner #halloween #lifestyle crafts

Not going to lie… it did take me a while to glue those guys together with thread, but it is still a super easy project! If your kids are old enough this would be great for them to help you on! : )

Cherishedbliss.com // Halloween Skeleton Banner #halloween #lifestyle crafts

Are you getting ready for Halloween? What are you making?

Domestically Speaking

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disclosure: Lifestyle crafts provided me with the epic 6 and dies for this post. All opinions are my own, lifestyle crafts rocks!! 



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    • Ashley says

      Yeah, I kind of jumped a head a little… I’m still not done with my fall stuff : ) Thanks for stopping by Emmy! Have a great day!

    • Ashley says

      Thanks so much! Yes, putting those little guys together took some time, mainly because they are so small to work with. So glad you like it :)

  1. says

    I love this!!! I love that you used the pallet as a background. I am thinking that I have the perfect place for both! Thanks, as always-for the fantastic inspiration!


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