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Candy Filled Mason Jars

I can’ t believe Halloween is just around the corner.
Today I have some fun little jars for you… yet another thing to do with mason jars! Does the list ever really end?
I’m pretty sure mason jars are on my top 1o list of “Favorite Things”

Cherished Bliss: Candy Filled Mason Jars #masonjars #Halloween

Just in case you missed the announcement, I am on the design team for PSA Essentials.

If you follow me on facebook, then you might have already seen these, but just in case I thought I would share here too!

Cherished Bliss: Candy Filled Mason Jars #masonjars #Halloween

I kinda forgot how much I LOVE candy corn until I put these little jars together. I’m not even sure why I like it… it’s really not that good, but I just couldn’t stop popping them in my mouth for some reason!

Needless to say…my pretty little candy jars are no longer filled to the top.
Ok, fine.. you caught me. They are empty!

Can you sense the guilt here? lol

Cherished Bliss: Candy Filled Mason Jars #masonjars #Halloween

Ok, enough about the candy corn, I promise… but doesn’t it look so pretty in the mason jar?

Cherished Bliss: Candy Filled Mason Jars #masonjars #Halloween

So to make these pretty little candy mason jars here is what you will need:


Mason Jars
Baker’s Twine
Wooden tags (I got mine from Pick Your Plum)
PSA Stamps 

 This is probably one of those self explanatory projects, but for all those people out there like me who need baby steps here is how I did it ; )

First I just stamped my Halloween images on the wooden stamps
Next you just wrap some baker’s twine around the top of the mason jars and slip on the tag, and tie a knot.

Cherished Bliss: Candy Filled Mason Jars #masonjars #Halloween

Here is the hard part…

Put the candy IN the jar… not in your mouth. You have to take a picture first ; ) Then you can eat it!

Cherished Bliss: Candy Filled Mason Jars #masonjars #Halloween

You’re kids will love these,
you will too…
I think I like them more than my kids!
I’m all for easily accessible candy!

What is your favorite Halloween Candy?


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    • Ashley says

      I’ve had those wooden tags forever! I kept saving them for something and not using them… time to use them : )

  1. says

    I love your mason jar candy containers, they are darling! I also like the way you’ve used the twine for your tags, very nice!

    My blog post today is about mason jar decor too, you’re right they are popular!

  2. says

    How cute! Mason jars are good for so many things. I love the look of candy corn but if I filled a jar full of candy corn I could keep it year after year! Now chocolate is a different story,
    I found your blog from Sugar Bee–thanks for choosing my Witchy Pillow, she is a cutie!
    cindy recently posted..Great Pumpkin BreadMy Profile

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