Bathroom Organization: Magnetic Medicine Cabinet

Bathroom Organization: Get organized with this DIY Magnetic Medicine Cabinet!

I am not a super organized person my nature. I struggle with it. I am ok with going to sleep with dirty dishes in the kitchen if it means I get quality time with my husband in the evenings. Playing with my children often beats out the pile of laundry that is staring me down. However, I do prefer that my house be organized, you know if I could wiggle my nose and it magically happen… but obviously that does not happen. EVER. < sad story! So I had to figure out my own way to bring some organization to the bathroom.

DIY Nursery on a Budget

A DIY Nursery on a budget! This room was under $300 in expenses!!!

So a couple of weeks ago I shared Adam’s Nursery! Eeek! Still so excited it’s finished! I wish I could sleep in there, it’s the only room in the house that is fully decorated! I still plan on painting the trim white eventually, but that is a long process and I’m working my way through… 

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