Master Bedroom Sneak Peek

Bedroom Organization End of Bed Storage-forrentcom

I have been a little quiet on the blog here! I’ve been working really hard on some pretty big projects. For example my master bedroom… and my fake wall. I just couldn’t seem to finish it (I just have 2 more boards left!). Because of this lovely Wisconsin weather I’m forced to work partially in the garage and partially in the basement… calf workout anyone?

Building vs. Thrifting | Why I Do Both

To Build New or To Restore and all about why I do both!

Do you ever have this internal struggle with yourself? I do all the time. As a blogger – home decor, furniture, paint colors, tiny details… all these things are constantly on my mind. It’s not just a passionate hobby of mine anymore, it’s my job. And just like everyone I want to be the best I can be at my job! So as I walk

Simple Cottage Farmhouse Spring Mantel

Love this Simple Cottage Farmhouse Spring Mantel from

The last few days here in Wisconsin have been BEAUTIFUL! Temps have been in the 40’s and 50’s, the snow is melting, and it has me even more excited for Spring! What better way to welcome in this gorgeous weather than getting your Spring Mantel all decorated! I decided to go pretty simple this year because these days with 3 kids I am finding beauty

Rustic Industrial Easter Egg Tutorial

Wooden Rustic Industrial Easter Egg Tutorial

I admit, I’m not huge on decorating for many Holidays other than the Fall season and Christmas. Everything else feels like it sneaks up on me before I get a chance to make a trip to Hobby Lobby :)! But I do enjoy making just a little something for Easter, and this year I made these Rustic Industrial Easter Eggs that will sit somewhere on my

Oversized Rustic Chalkboard Tutorial

With just a few tools you can build this easy Oversized Rustic Chalkboard!

I know I have talked about my Rustic Farmhouse Entryway for what is now the 3rd post, but I had so many requests for this chalkboard tutorial I had to share it with you! I actually made this last year for my fall home tour, but my dining room still isn’t close to where I want it to be… so I decided to move it

DIY Farmhouse Bench Tutorial

With this easy to follow tutorial you can build a DIY Rustic Farmhouse Bench for under $25!

My new little entryway area has been my favorite place to look at these days. Maybe it’s because for a while it was the only spot in my house that was clean. Or maybe it was because I am just head over heels in love with my new DIY Rustic Farmhouse Bench. Either one of those works for me; ) Last week I promised I a

Rustic Farmhouse Entryway

Love this Rustic Farmhouse Entryway! That bench, those bins! I want it all!

Thank you to Better Homes and Gardens at Walmart for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own! I have been sharing little sneak peeks of this bench on instagram all week. I’ve also been telling you that it was for my bedroom. But since at least one person in this house has been sick since Christmas and I’m the most recent victim, my bedroom

I do it all for Love

Love this Valentines Day Mantel! Get the tutorial for that adorable Love Sign too!

Valentine’s day is not something I typically decorate for. It’s one of those holidays that sneaks up on me, and before I know it it’s over with. This year especially, since it seems we’ve all been sick since  ohhh….the beginning of December. We have had colds, stomach bugs, sore throats, giant splinters that keep people from walking, I mean really… this year has been ridiculous.

Easy to Build Kitchen Shelves

Build these easy Wooden Kitchen Shelves with just a few pieces of wood and trim. Get a quality product that costs less than store bought!

I finished my Kitchen Remodel last fall and one of the questions I got asked the most was about these Kitchen Shelves I built. I don’t have a complete tutorial because I literally built these right before I photographed my kitchen because that wall just didn’t look right. But they are super easy to make and you will probably want to build them to the

DIY Mini Wooden Ladder Tutorial

With this simple, quick, and easy DIY wooden Ladder Tutorial you can build your very own for under $5!!

Would it be weird for me to tell you that I am already working on my Spring Mantel? I know the Christmas trees literally just came down (no judgement here if yours is still up, mine normally is too but my 18 month old monster decided he held off long enough, hehe). But, let’s face it… when you live in the frozen tundra and the

DIY Boxwood Wreath Tutorial

Add a beautiful wreath to your decor that will get you through ever season with this DIY Boxwood Wreath Tutorial via

It’s the time of year where all the holiday decor comes down and the ground is still covered in snow. I know  spring cleaning is a big thing (and I make every attempt to participate in the movement) but I find the best time for me to get stuff done is during the winter right after Christmas but before spring hits. Like right now we

DIY Crate Storage Unit

DIY Crate Storage Unit

I just shared with you yesterday my top 20 projects from 2014, and after the results of the reader survey I posted a few days back I have decided that not only am I going to start doing more of what I LOVE the most, but also what YOU guys want to see more of and that is building plans. But like I said yesterday…

Santa Cookie Tray Tutorial

Make this easy Santa Cookie Tray to keep Santa's cookies and milk safe and sound!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Staples. But no worries, all opinions are my own! : ) #handmadeholidays We have had so much fun this year for Christmas baking tons of cookies and of course a little elf on the shelf action. I realized this recently when my kids asked me what kind of cookies Santa eats that we have

How to Paint Shutters | The Drip Free Way

Do you dread the thought of painting shutters? Learn how to paint shutters without any drips!

Today we are going to talk about how to paint shutters. We might also brush on following the directions on the back of your paint can. This sounds easy right? Simple, straight forward, yeah… anyone can do that. Well, you just met the one person in the entire universe who has a very hard time reading that can. On the bright side… it all worked