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Christmas in July {Midwestern Girl}

I am so excited to start the Christmas in July Series!

Like I said before… I always have intentions of giving handmade gifts to my kids! But with a birthday party to plan 5 days before, family, and we are always so busy with church around that time…. let’s face it, I’m ALWAYS behind!

So this year I am trying to kick start things off and get going! I asked for some help from a few of my FAVORITE bloggers. So all week long I will be sharing with you some of their fantastic ideas!

Then on Saturday there will be a link party for you to link up any projects you have that could be gifts for kids! Make sure you come back because there will be a winner and prize : )

So let’s take a look at what Maggie has in her plans for Christmas!!


Hi everyone! I’m so excited to be here with Ashley as part of her Christmas in July series! Woo hoo!

My name is Maggie and I write over at Midwestern Girl…I’d love it if you’d stop by to say hi!

I can’t believe Christmas is just a few months away! Didn’t we just get all the torn-up wrapping paper from last year thrown away?!? Geesh!

Well, we can’t slow it down, so we may as well embrace it, right? So today I’m going to share a fun little idea for a Christmas Eve gift for your kids or friends or nieces and nephews or whomever!

I don’t know about you, but Christmas Eve is a crazy day in our house. We are usually running around, trying to get things done at the last minute. There is always church, cookie-baking, house cleaning, family visiting, singing, fighting (the kids can’t seem to take a break for even one day…), eating, etc. So I thought it would be neat to try to reign in the craze for just a little while by making little activity/gift buckets for each of the kids.

I picked up a whole bunch of these little chalkboard-labeled buckets in the $1 section at Target and I just filled them with some Christmas Eve-y things. One the night before Christmas, I can just hand out the buckets and let the kids go to town! They will be excited because they get early “gifts,” and hopefully, things will be a little more organized around here.

I popped a copy of “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas,” some green rock candy, some reindeer food & some hot chocolate mix into my kids’ buckets…but here are a few more ideas…

**You can find my recipe for Reindeer Food here**

Use your imagination…do you have special family traditions? Do you want to start any? Add them to the bucket!

I’m really excited to do these this year…I think the kids will flip!

Thank you so much for asking me to participate in this fantastic series, Ashley! It won’t be long before we start hearing those jingle bells…

And don’t forget to stop by Midwestern Girl! I’d love to have you visit any time at all!

Thank you, again!


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    • Ashley says

      Thanks for sharing over here today Maggie! This is seriously such a great gift idea for Christmas Eve!

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