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A Day at the Park {and a new hat}

It doesn’t get cold here to much so I had to take advantage of one of the cooler days here in Texas and put my newest crochet hat on Addison for some pictures! I’m hoping to whip out a pattern for it soon, I’m still working on all the sizing. : )

Addison Hat Main

I am just in love with this hat! If you know my daughter, it is a miracle for her to wear ANYTHING on her head. The only reason she wears it is because of the little tassels that hang down.. it acts as a substitute for her blanky while she sucks her thumb. I have to admit, it is a cute little habit she has.

Addison Hat 2

Next on my list of things to do is a hat for boys. I feel bad that poor Aubrey doesn’t ever get much stuff… it’s just so much easier to make things for girls. But he has such a cute little face, he needs a cute little hat to go with it!

aubrey 2


Playing with daddy : )

3 loves

So cute when she tries to jump!

Addison Football

It was a good day at the park! The kids were worn out and that was the goal!! Mission complete!

Aubrey 3

So stay tuned for the pattern… we’ll see how long it takes me : )

I did just release my newest item in the shop. These adorable little Mini Crowns! I will have a pattern coming out soon. I’m working on getting it tested.

prince princess crowns

I am selling them for $15 each, and you choose from the princess or prince style.
From now until February 6, 2012 get them for $7.50 (message me for a special listing)

Price does not include shipping. $3.00 shipping for all US orders. International shipping costs will vary.


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  1. Emily @ 52 Mantels says

    ADORABLE!! And, the hat is pretty cute too ;-)

    Seriously, I wish I had your skills!

    I hope you're having a fun trip!!

    • Ashley says

      Thank you! I’ll work on this one after Christmas.. I kinda made it on the fly so I’ll have to go back and remember what I did, lol! Thanks so much!!

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