DIY Pallet Wood Chargers

Today I’m going to share a project with you using one of my FAVORITE crafting mediums.

DIY Pallet Wood Chargers

DIY Pallet Wood Chargers via #MerryModPodge #Christmas #pallet

OH man, we won’t even talk about how long I have wanted to do this project.
I have LITERALLY carried around this pallet to 3 different houses. One of those moves being from Texas to Wisconsin.
Not sure why… since you can find pallets anywhere, but I did… well I should say my husband did, lol! He won’t let me forget either. : )
I have always wanted to have charger plates for the holidays and just never done it. Now I have made my own for practically FREE!

DIY Pallet Wood Chargers via #MerryModPodge #Christmas #pallet

 I was so so excited to work with Mod Podge on this post! They have some pretty awesome products!  

DIY Pallet Wood Chargers via #MerryModPodge #Christmas #pallet

 So to make these all you will need is: 
an old pallet
Gorilla Glue
Mod Podge & Brush
Freezer Paper

First, we need to make the pallet charger plates.

DIY Pallet Wood Chargers via #MerryModPodge #Christmas #pallet

1. Take your pallet and using a saw, cut your boards. (16 boards for 4 chargers given my size)
Mine were approx. 14″, but you can do this based on your plate size.
With the width of my boards, this also made them just about square!

2. Using my Gorilla Glue, I glued two boards together and clamped them.
I repeated until all my boards were glued, clamped and drying!!

3. I took my sets of two boards and glued them together to have 4 boards together total.

4. After they are good and dry you have your chargers!!

While that was all drying I cut out my snowflakes from freezer paper using these templates.
I chose to use freezer paper for a few reasons. I liked that they weren’t BRIGHT white, it is thinner than paper so the folds didn’t show through after applying the mod podge. AND I have a HUGE roll that I will probably never finish off… I didn’t have to buy anything, and I could make it whatever size I wanted because it’s a huge roll of freezer paper!

I cut my freezer paper to 12″x12″ and folded according to the templates. I didn’t print my template out I just kinda eyeballed it and cut accordingly.

DIY Pallet Wood Chargers via #MerryModPodge #Christmas #pallet

Next I took my pallet charger and applied mod podge directly to it where I wanted my snowflake to go.
Then I layed my snowflake on the mod podge (shiny side of the paper down) and smoothed it out with my fingers.

DIY Pallet Wood Chargers via #MerryModPodge #Christmas #pallet

 Then I applied a layer of mod podge on the top starting in the center and working my way out. Be careful around the small edges, you don’t want to tear them!
Once I was done with the snowflake, I applied mod podge to the rest of the wood so that it was all covered.

DIY Pallet Wood Chargers via #MerryModPodge #Christmas #pallet

DIY Pallet Wood Chargers via #MerryModPodge #Christmas #pallet

 Once that was dry I trimmed off the edges of the snowflake with an xacto knife and applied another coat of mod podge.
Let dry and you are done!

DIY Pallet Wood Chargers via #MerryModPodge #Christmas #pallet

DIY Pallet Wood Chargers via #MerryModPodge #Christmas #pallet

I think my favorite thing about these chargers is that they are so versatile! I hate making crafts specific for holidays and then that’s it! You can flip these babies over and have a year round charger, use them for decoration, a centerpiece and more!! If I had a long table I would so line them up down the center of my table as a runner!!

DIY Pallet Wood Chargers via #MerryModPodge #Christmas #pallet

What would you do with them? I thought about hanging them on my wall too!!

DIY Pallet Wood Chargers via #MerryModPodge #Christmas #pallet

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  1. Dan says

    While I applaud your creativity, Please use caution when using old pallets, especially around food. Many pallets are treated with some pretty nasty chemical preservatives. You also have to use care when cutting, sanding or otherwise machining them to avoid inhaling toxic dust.


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