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DIY Tea Towels {Love & Coffee}

You probably already know this, but I LOVE coffee. I NEED coffee. A day that doesn’t start with coffee is a scary scary day for me! I even made this cup to tell the world my immediate family, how things should go in the mornings! I am slowly working my way up to a kitchen remodel, but since there is still a rediculous amount of snow on the ground, I’m starting with the accessories instead of the cabinets. So today I’m sharing with you these super easy DIY Tea Towels.

Create these fun DIY Tea Towels with this simple tutorial! via cherishedbliss.com

I originally started out with just the arrows, but I really thought it needed something to balance it out. After face-timing with my sister, we decided it needed words! I had been wanting to create a printable for the kitchen anyways and so I created a very cute and TRUE statement for our new tea towels.

Create these fun DIY Tea Towels with this simple tutorial! via cherishedbliss.com

This is probably the truest statement for our house. If it wasn’t for Love and Coffee, things might end badly at the end of the day! With a 6 year old boy (enough said) and 3 year old girl and a newborn well.. we all need a little love, and coffee!  Well the kids don’t get coffee or we would need a whole lot more love, hah!

Ok, so let’s gather up what you need so you can make some too! You can make your own printable if you want or you can use the ones I have provided.


– Tea Towels or Flour Sack Towels
– Sharpie
– A way to print on paper for tracing
Arrow Printable
Kitchen Printable

DIY Tea Towels Tutorial

1. Print off your printable. Cardstock is nice and makes it a little easier, but regular paper will work too.

2.Wash and Dry your Tea Towels before writing on them with the sharpie. I ironed my tea towels first so that I didn’t have to worry about an wrinkles

3. Place your Printable under your tea towel and line it up where you want it. You should be able to see it through the cloth.

4. Using your Sharpie trace the arrows/words until you are done. Be careful not to smudge the sharpie before it has a chance to dry. You might also want to take a break because you start going a little cross eyed staring at the lines ; )

Create these fun DIY Tea Towels with this simple tutorial! via cherishedbliss.com

And there you have it! These are washable, but I did let mine dry a few days before washing to ensure that the sharpie was good and dry, and let’s face it… I have a hard time with laundry so it’s not like I had to force myself not to wash them ; ). It does fade a little, but that is ok with me. If you just want them for decoration you don’t have to wash them.

Create these fun DIY Tea Towels with this simple tutorial! via cherishedbliss.com

I love a good easy project like this. It’s so nice to finish something these days. Please tell me I’m not the only one who has a pile of unfinished projects!

Create these fun DIY Tea Towels with this simple tutorial! via cherishedbliss.com

Here are some more of my kitchen projects. More to come very soon!

Kitchen Chalkboard Sign

DIY Stained Wood Chalkboard Kitchen Sign. Yes you can now turn stained wood into a chalkboard surface!! via cherishedbliss.com

DIY Stenciled Coffee Cup



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  1. Crystal says

    I’m with you concerning coffee. Drink first then talk…lol. Everyone in my family knows not to ask questions until I’ve had my coffee. I love your towels and coffee mug!! These would make great signs for the kitchen.

    • Ashley says

      You’re too sweet Emily! : ) Thank you soooo much for the sweet comment and stopping by! Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    • Ashley says

      Thanks Lana! This would be a fun thing to do with a bunch of ladies, there are so many quotes for the kitchen, probably because we spend all our time in there, lol

    • Ashley says

      Thank you Katie! I agree… I’m planning on giving some of these out, they are so easy to make and you can personalize them however you want! : ) Thanks for stopping by!

    • Ashley says

      Thanks so much Amanda! : ) I’ve been doing so many painting, sanding and time consuming things… it was nice to just finish something in one sitting : )

    • Ashley says

      Thanks Carmody! These are so easy to make. It’s so nice to be able to finish something with just a few simple supplies!

    • Ashley says

      Thank you! Yes.. coffee is a must in this house or we might lack in the love department a little ; ) haha, just kidding… kinda : )

  2. says

    I love these towels and I am going to make them today. Do you or anyone else know where I might be able to find more “printable” designs to trace. I’m not the best artist on my own, so I would love some more cute things to trace (drawings or quotes). Any ideas? Thanks so much!!

    • Ashley says

      Thanks so much! To be honest I have only ever washed them once. I use them for decoration and photo props. But when I washed them after first applying the sharpie, it did fade a tiny bit, but not very much at all. If you washed them on a daily basis it might start to fade, but you could just run back over it with a sharpie if that happened ; )

  3. Becky teeters says

    May I ask, what brand tea towels/flour sack did you use? And where can I find them?

    • Kati Foster says

      I was also wondering the same thing? Our church has an annual Pinterest inspired night each year that a friend of mine and I host. Would love to have these as one of the vendors for women to visit and make. Needing to piece together this project for the budget. Thanks!

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