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First Pattern Release – {Pattern Testers Wanted}

I am so excited to finally be shifting the focus of my Etsy Shop to what I wanted all along. I love taking pictures so much (even though since I finally got my Amazing camera I think I have taken less pictures than ever before) and I have wanted to supply photo props to photographers so help capture those beautiful moments! 
So… soon, very soon. (hopefully) : ) I will be releasing my first headband pattern in my etsy shop. 
and I will be coming out with some clothing, accessories, and crochet items as fast as my little hands can work during naptime : ) 
This is the pattern I will be releasing soon! 
The Lucy Rose Headband

Beautiful photography by the very talented Traci Ryant. I so wish I lived close to her so she could photograph my children! Make sure and check out her Facebook!
I entered the So You Think You’re Crafty competition to gain some exposure to my blog and it has been so much fun along the way but ALOT of work! It will be over in a few weeks and I will really be focusing on pushing out some patterns/props! If you or someone you know either crochet’s or sews, please leave me a comment, I will be looking for pattern testers very soon! : ) In return you will recieve the pattern free of charge. Email me for details at:


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  1. Lotte Lu and Brother Too says

    That headband is so cute! I would love to be a pattern tester. I can sew sew sew, and I'm a beginner crocheter too!

  2. jammertail designs says

    Hey…good to see you!!! I saw your notice about being a pattern tester…I would love too! That is something eventually that I'd like to get into :) I wouldn't be very quick…with the shop and all…but it would be fun!
    And that is such a darling headband!!!
    Sally @ alittlescrappy

  3. patience says

    i think those fancy lil headbands look great on the baby! i think it will work out really well for you. in fact they are so cute, if i had a baby boy i would put him in those headbands…lol

  4. just jayma says

    I'm new-ish to crochet and sewing, but picking it back up very quickly! I could always try to pattern to test for you!

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