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Food Label Place cards

I love place cards at parties. I think they are the cutest things! Especially when you don’t know what they heck is on the table! Granted I’m pretty sure everyone will know that the drinks at Addison’s party will be lemonade and know the difference between regular and pink lemonade. But I still love place cards so I made some! : )

Food Label Placecard

Did I mention I used washi tape? I keep seeing all these awesome crafts using washi tape but to be quite honest I just haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet. Well.. consider me jumped! This tape is super fun! Plus I won some in a giveaway over at Live.Laugh.Rowe so I had to use it! : )

Place cards

I saw these on pinterest and just knew I had to put some washi tape on some place cards!

I don’t have pretty handwriting though so I had to print mine, although I do love handwritten place cards!

So how did I make mine? Well I will tell you! : )


Cut out a rectangle for your base and fold it in half.

Print your label onto some scrapbook paper and the cut around the words.

Use your washi tape to attach your “word/words” to the place card itself

lemonade label

See how easy washi tape makes everything? It’s like a pretty glue!

Place Card Close up

Pink Lemonade Label



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  1. Audra @ Once a Mom Always a Cook says

    I have heard so much about washi tape! I guess I should invest in some soon before they all run out LOL ;) I love your place cards, wish I could be there :`( Love, your sister

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