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Gift Wrapping Ideas {It’s all in the wrapping}

Welcome back to the wrapping series.
Did you see the round up of creative ideas I shared yesterday?
There are so many fun ways to wrap gifts, here is one of my

Gift Wrapping Ideas

 Gift Wrapping Ideas - a series by cherishedbliss.com {Yarn Wrapped Presents}

One of my favorite ways to wrap presents is using paper bags. They are free, its recycling, and I think it goes with anything!
You can add some burlap and it’s rustic, you can put a bow on it for a traditional look, and you can even put some yarn on it which goes with my whimsical look!
I also  love wrapping with tissue paper… mainly because I think it’s fun to open gifts in tissue paper ; )

Gift Wrapping Ideas - a series by cherishedbliss.com {Yarn Wrapped Presents}

To do this I just wrapped my present with the paper bag and then wrapped crochet the red crochet thread around, taping it down in the back. I felt like it needed a little something more so I added the aqua colored yarn. I love the different sizes with the thinner thread and thicker yarn. It just adds dimension.

Gift Wrapping Ideas - a series by cherishedbliss.com {Yarn Wrapped Presents}

I also love the idea of stamping the name of who the present is for rather than just always using a tag. I think it adds something a little extra special : )
But, I still love tags and will be sharing some of those later this week!

Gift Wrapping Ideas - a series by cherishedbliss.com {Yarn Wrapped Presents}

So if you are looking for a cheap and easy way to decorate your packages up… grab some cheap yarn and it will last you hundreds of packages!!
The thing I love about yarn… it comes in so many fun colors that it will go with any decor you have. You can even try some of the pom pom yarn, sparkly yarn, and many many more! The possibilities are endless!

Gift Wrapping Ideas - a series by cherishedbliss.com {Yarn Wrapped Presents}

For the white package wrapped in tissue paper, I just wrapped some crochet thread around and glued on a pom pom. Super cute right? So easy!!

What are your favorite ways to wrap? Do you have any family secrets?! : ) Do tell!!

Don’t forget to come back by tomorrow for some more wrapping fun. I will give you a hint:
It involves bows, but not what you are thinking! : )


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