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Craft and Tell {No. 31}

Hey everyone!
This is my first post using Windows Live Writer. I am so excited because I have been trying to use it for FOREVER now, but my computer wouldn’t let me. Even the help desk didn’t understand it!
BUT now I have my laptop working again so it works on here! YAY!
One more announcement before the party! I am getting ready to release my newest pattern and I just wanted to give you a little sneak peek! I’ll be sending it of to a photographer shortly so hopefully we can see it on a cute little squishy newborn head! Stop by my Etsy Shop for more of my products : )
I Love it! : )

If you missed the features from last week make sure and CHECK THEM OUT! There is also a giveaway for my Christmas Stocking Hat Pattern in that post….mainly because I am SOOO ready for Christmas. I have already started decorating. Is that creepy? I hope I’m not the only one!
Ok, ok, now it’s time to party!


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  1. Redo 101 says

    I'm almost afraid to say it, but I've been working on Christmas since the first of October. Maybe I should get a job at Hobby Lobby, who puts out their Christmas items in September :) Maybe we should form a club, we could call it "Early Christmas Crafters." heehee, anyway thanks for hostessing the great party!

  2. Kerryanne English says

    How much do you L-O-V-E windows live writer??? I've used it for awhile now and wish I had discovered it earlier. So much easier and fun to work with.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  3. Johanson Family says

    okay, you know I can't sew or crochet or anything of the sort– so for someone like ME who lacks those skills and you are selling the pattern– how do I get one that is MADE already?

  4. Liberty says

    SOooooo stinkin' adorable!!

    Oh, and I am in <3 with Windows Live Writer. I won't write a post without it. Glad yours is up and running.

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