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Kid Stamped Easter Egg Craft

One of my kids favorite things to do is use mod podge. Although I’m not sure if they like it because it’s fun to use, or if they just like peeling it off their hands when they are done. Let’s face it… who doesn’t love peeling glue off their hands?! I know I do (is that weird?) So the other day my daughter was digging around in my craft room and found my sparkle mod podge so I figured we could do something fun with it.

Easter Egg Craft

Kid Stamped Easter Egg Craft via Cherishedbliss.com

These little guys are super easy to make! Easy… I didn’t say clean though ; ) So there is a good reason I don’t have any pictures of the actual process… something about taking my expensive camera around sticky fingered kids just didn’t feel right. And to be quite honest my fingers were covered too!

Kid Stamped Easter Egg Craft via Cherishedbliss.com

We used our PSA Stamps, regular computer paper, plastic eggs, and sparkle mod podge. I let the kids go crazy with the PSA Stamps and then I cut out the shapes that they stamped. Mine and my daughter’s favorite is that cute little bunny! He’s just so happy looking! Don’t forget to check out the PSA Stamp Camp Blog... there is some pretty cute Easter ideas on there!!

Kid Stamped Easter Egg Craft via Cherishedbliss.com

Then I let the kids go crazy putting a layer of mod podge on the eggs while I positioned the little stamped cuties. Then they mod podged the egg until their little hearts were content! It was a super fun and messy project for us all, and we are starting a little stash of eggs to hide ; )

Kid Stamped Easter Egg Craft via Cherishedbliss.com

What are your favorite Easter eggs to make with your kids? I think we will try a few more kinds before Easter!

While you are here, if you need a printable and missed my Easter printables, stop by and download some!


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