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My First Quilt

Guess what!
I finished my first quilt!!
I took part in the quilt a long over at Mommy By Day Crafter By Night 

I have been wanting to do a quilt for so long but was always a little intimidated by it, but Ashley (I know, she has an awesome name!) started this quilt a long so it was just what I needed to get motivated. Granted I am about 3 weeks late in finishing it, but hey… I’m done : )

Isn’t it pretty?! I love it!!

I used the Hello Luscious layer cake and a white layer cake from
Southern Fabric
to complete this quilt. I also bought a yard of fabric from the Hello Luscious line for the binding.

In the quilt along Ashley takes you through each step from buying your fabric, to quilting it and binding!

Want to see what I’m most proud of?!
It’s this one little area of the quilt where all my seams match up perfectly. Is it weird that I starred at this little spot for a while?

Now, the quilt isn’t perfect at all! Actually there is a reason I didn’t show you the back of it. It’s not that bad, but I kinda forgot to take pictures of it too.

{Some things I learned about making a quilt} 

– There is a reason some fabrics are more expensive than others!
– Quilting is never perfect, you just have to embrace your mistakes
– You will stab yourself with some kind of needle eventually!
– I suck at binding {need more practice!}
– It is super addicting

You might notice my quilt is missing the borders around the outside that you see in the quilt a long tutorial.
I did this for a few reasons…..
I really had been wanting just a plain zig zag quilt for a while.
I didn’t want to spend the money on the extra fabric
I also new that realistically I wouldn’t have time to add the borders in the month (even though I still finished late)

Now… obviously I already knew there was a reason some fabrics were more expensive than others,  but I thought “it’s my first quilt, I’ll get some cheap fabric for the backing”


I was so afraid I was going to totally mess this up I just couldn’t spend $40 on quilt backing.
because I was working with not so nice fabric, it would NOT stop bunching up…. I couldn’t smooth it out, it was too lightweight.

Next time I will buy the nice fabric for the backing!

A huge huge thank you to Ashley @ Mommy By Day Crafter By Night for putting this quilt a long together! She did an awesome job taking me through each of the steps and I can only imagine how much work went into her tutorials!


Not ganna lie, it feels a bit like I’m talking about myself in the 3rd person here, lol!

Have you made any quilts? I would love to see… I plan to make a whole lot more!


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    • Ashley says

      Thanks Christy! So good to know it gets easier : ) It’s really not that bad, I just feel like I had to keep double checking what I was doing because I didn’t want to rip seams, lol!

    • Ashley says

      Thanks so much! It is a little scary at first, but taking it one step at a time really helps… I just had to not think of what was ahead of me : )

      • says

        Would you mind sharing with me how big the finished size of your quilt is? I’d love to make mine without the borders like yours (I really like the cleaner look), but I was wondering if I should add an extra row/column in either direction just to compensate for not doing the borders. Thanks!

        • Ashley says

          it is approx 53″x60″. I thought about adding another row too but I only wanted it for my couch so I just made it like the tutorial and waited to see how big it was… its a really easy pattern to add to as you go! : )

    • Ashley says

      Thanks Steph! I’m totally addicted. I just made my daughter a baby doll quilt… that one flew by time wise! I’m still having a hard time with the binding..I just can’t get those pretty corners… maybe one day! : )

    • Ashley says

      Thanks so much Lauren! That was my ONLY seam to line up perfectly ; ) Some were close, but none were all lined up like that… maybe I’ll get 2 next time, lol!

    • Ashley says

      Thanks so much Lisa! You are going to love quilting! My stitches are no where near perfect, but it gives it character! My biggest struggle is the binding, so I guess I’ll just have to make another quilt to practice ; ) I’d love to see how yours turns out when you’re done!

  1. says

    It really pretty darn PERFECT and GORGEOUS to me!!! Way to go!!! Someday I’ll try and make a quilt too!!! I really LOVE yours!

    Thank you so very much sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!!
    Christine recently posted..Macaw Birthday!!!My Profile

    • Ashley says

      Thanks so much Heather! You just have to jump with both feet into quilting! I am completely addicted to it now! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. says

    Your quilt is BEAUTIFUL! I’ve been working on a quilt for several months now, but it’s taking so long. This is mainly because I have no idea what I’m doing. I’ve read all sorts of quilting books and tried to get in touch with local quilters to see if they taught classes, but so far no such luck. I’m hoping to one day do one like your’s….GREAT JOB!

    • Ashley says

      Thanks so much! I highly suggest the tutorials in the quilt a long! She did a great job showing the step by steps! Good luck! I’d love to see how it turns out whenever you finish : )

  3. says

    Ashley, I may in the past have told someone they had the prettiest quilt I’d ever seen, but I may have to revise that now. This is just too cool. I can’t get over the beautiful fabrics and colors you’ve chosen. It’s perfect in every way (aside from whatever imperfections you know about.) I haven’t quilted in years, but now I must, but only if I know where to get the fabrics you used. I’ll have to check Southern Fabric and the site yo mentioned with the instructions, but if I get hung up finding the names of the fabrics, would you mind sharing that info? That’s the part of quilting that is too hard for me…picking fabric patterns and colors. I can’t decide and never know what will go best with what or which should be next to which. Even if I don’t end up making a quilt with them soon, I love your fabric choices and think I would like to buy some of those fabrics. I’ll try to see first if I can find the names online. Congratulations on making something truly beautiful and sweet. Now what will you do with it?
    Liz recently posted..Treasure TroveMy Profile

    • Ashley says

      Thanks so much for the sweet comment Liz! I totally don’t mind telling you the fabric! I’m not so great at putting fabrics together, but this was a layer cake that came with it all together for me! : ) I just looked on Southern Fabric’s website, but if you search fabric stores for “Hello Luscious Layer Cake” that is what it is called! I also used a white layer cake so I didn’t have to cut out all the squares. Just let me know if you have any questions or can’t find it when you go to buy it and I will do my best to help you locate it!

      I actually made this quilt to go on the back of my couch to bring some color into the room! : ) Have a great week and don’t hesitate to email me if you have any questions!

  4. says

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! I can understand why you are proud, I would be too. I have always wanted to quilt but have never learned how. I really admire you for doing this and think it looks absolutely beautiful.

    • Ashley says

      Thank you so much Maureen! It was a big step for me.. I was so afraid of ruining all that fabric! : ) Thanks for stopping by!

    • Ashley says

      Thanks so much Anastasia! So glad you stopped by ; ) I am now following you on Pinterest and Linky Followers.

    • Ashley says

      I did make my daughter’s blanket for her bedding, but I didn’t really make it like a quilt. I sewed it right sides together and turned it and back then I didn’t know that “quilting” was actually something you do… I just thought it was “making a quilt” lol! Thanks so much for stopping by!

    • Ashley says

      Thanks so much Ashley! I had so much fun making it and am totally hooked! I just finished a baby doll quilt kinda going off Rachel’s quilt a long. I can’t wait to share it I made it for a Christmas gift, but not sure I can wait 5 months for her to use it… I’m so terrible at keeping gifts from my kids : ) Thanks again for all the hard work you put into this quilt a long. It so helped me to get over the fear of quilting to only look at part of the tutorial at time instead of looking through the whole thing thinking I could never do it! : )

  5. says

    Making a quilt is alot of work especially if you are not an experienced seamstress. I have quilted a little and I am not sure if ANY of seams matched up perfectly, lol ! You did a wonderful job! And it’s so pretty. Love the colors!

    • Ashley says

      Thanks Debra! That was the only seam that matched up perfectly : ) That’s why I had to take a picture of it, lol!

  6. says

    I absolutely love this quilt! I made my first quilt in HS and now I’m in my mid-20s wanting to make another (it was so overwhelming it took me this long to muster up the courage to make another lol)

    Will you be posting the pattern or size of the triangle pieces you cut? I’m sure I could figure it out with just that & would absolutely love to make it! I was thinking of possibly doing a duvet in this pattern as well!
    Meghan recently posted..Lavender Sachets – Dryer or Drawer -Set of 3 – Recycled Fabric by NitelilyDesignsMy Profile

    • Ashley says

      Thanks so much Meghan! I followed the quilt a long that I linked to in my blog. She takes you through each step of the process! I don’t think I could have done it if it wasn’t broken up for me like that in each individual step! You can find the quilt a long here: http://www.mommybydaycrafterbynight.com/p/tutorials.html Scroll all the way to the bottom and you will see each of her blog steps on how to make the quilt from beginning to end! : )

  7. says

    Ashley, this is so beautiful! I love it without the extra border. Simple and sweet. Great colors and you did a beautiful job. I had really wanted to join in on the Quilt Along and I just didn’t have time. It’s happening this winter, though. I need to make one!
    Allie recently posted..Decked Out Pool TowelMy Profile

    • Ashley says

      Thanks so much Allie! I had so much fun making it! I already made a baby doll quilt and hopefully about to start my son’s quilt. I’m totally addicted ; ) It is quite time consuming though!

    • Ashley says

      Thanks so much Andrea! Your blog is adorable! I’m now following along with you on facebook and pinterest : )

  8. says

    I love it! I’m very impressed. The zig zag made a great quilt and I really like it without the border. It’s not weird at all that you oogled over that spot! I made a quilt just before my daughter was born. My husband cut the squares and he made them different sizes on accident. Nothing lined up. And then it fell apart the first time I washed it. I haven’t been brave enough to try again.
    Michaela recently posted..Skirting the Issue {or pretty fabric!}My Profile

    • Ashley says

      Thanks so much! I haven’t washed mine yet… lol so we’ll see… I did have to go in and hand stitch because I didn’t catch the backing with binding in a few spots. : )

  9. says

    I tell everyone the “mistakes” in my quilts are my artistic signature. ;)
    Your quilt is beautiful and I hope you it warms your loved ones for generations to come!

    • Ashley says

      haha! What a great term! Yes, artistic signature. I’m going to go with that! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  10. says

    Oh my goodness, I love your quilt! I found it on Pinterest and you have totally inspired me! I have never made an actual quilt before, but I would love to do one like this for my guest bed, which is a full size. How many more zigs (or zags) do you think I would need to add for that? I love the look of yours with the white and no border.

    • Ashley says

      Hey Kim, sorry for the late response. I honestly wouldn’t know to be exact. This quilt is: 53″x60″ with the longest side having the zig zags running vertically. This is my first quilt so I’m probably not the best person, but it is a very easy pattern. I would measure to see how wide and how long you want/need it to be, and then adjust accordingly. You should just be able to add more of your “squares” to the sides and top/bottom until you reach the desired size : ) Hope that helps a little! Thanks for stopping by!

  11. says

    Hi there Ashley … great quilt! I’ve been quilting for a while now (although no expert), and it started a few years ago with my first child. It’s a great past-time, and with fabulous results. I’ve made mostly baby quilts, but also a couple of twin sized. Rag quilts are my latest ‘new’ technique, you should give it a try.
    I just wanted to let bloggers know though, that I have found some fabulous videos on youtube about doing binding, and getting those perfect ‘triangle’ corners. Very helpful I found, a great resource!
    “Christine in Canada”

    • Ashley says

      Thanks so much Christine! I’m having so much fun quilting… I’ve been wanting to try a rag quilt! I’ll have to check that out, I’m always looking for some good tips : )

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