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Pink Lemonade Pie Recipe {Pie in a Jar}

I have ONE more Pink Lemonade post for you today; it’s the last one I swear! At Addison’s party I made mini Pink Lemonade Pies and had some leftovers, so I decided to put it in mason jars and freeze it… thus the Pink Lemonade Pie in a Jar. These are delicious! Such a refreshing dessert!

Pink Lemonade Pie Recipe with homemade whipped icing

I’m going to show you how I made both the pies and the pie in a jar. It’s the same ingredients, but you can freeze the jars and have dessert at a later date! This would be perfect if you need to plan ahead, you could make it in the little bitty mini mason jars a week or so in advance and you are good to go!

Pink Lemonade Pie Recipe with homemade whipped icing

These are super easy to make! So easy my 4 year old son helped me : )
Now I can’t take complete credit for these, you can find the full Recipe at Creative Homemaking (for the pie itself)

–The change I made was that I used 3/4 of the can of the pink lemonade concentrate–
(visit creative homemaking from the pie recipe)

For the topping I used my own recipe (with guidance from my lovely sister!)

{Whipped Topping}

2 cups Heavy whipping cream
2 Tablespoons Fresh Lemon Juice
1/2 cup Powdered Sugar
1/2 to 1 tsp. Vanilla Extract (based on taste preference)
A few drops of red food coloring (optional)


-First thing you need to do is put a large metal bowl in the freezer and chill it for about 10-15 minutes.

-Then pour your whipping cream into the bowl and whip it until thickened and peaks are about to form.

-Next mix in your sugar, vanilla, and lemon juice. Whip until peaks form.

-Stir in your red food coloring until you get the desired shade of pink.


{Pink Lemonade in a Jar}

1 pkg. Graham Crackers (pie in a jar)
1/8 cup sugar (pie in a jar)
2 tbsp. Softened butter (pie in a jar)

– Make the pie batter (is it batter when it’s a pie? Where is my sister when I need her?) and the whipped topping just like above as described above

– Next take your graham crackers and crush them up. I used a magic bullet, or you could just stick them in a baggy and take out some frustration ; )

– Mix in your sugar and butter until it is evenly distributed and the graham crackers look moist. Fee free to add a little more butter if you need.

Layer your graham crackers, pink lemonade pie mix, and whipped topping however you like. I did each jar differently.
Pictured above is: pie, graham crackers, pie, whipped topping. That probably turned out the prettiest : )


{Mini Pies}

I tried to make my own mini pie shells out of graham crackers, but let’s just say that was an EPIC fail! So I bought some pre-made mini pie shells at the grocery store! Then  pour your batter into each shell and top with your whipped cream. Place it in freezer until you’re ready to serve!
This is great if you need to make them the night before!!

To Garnish I cut up graham crackers into little triangles (this was kind of difficult being it’s a cracker, but I made it work best I could) and added a lemon wedge : ) Or add whatever else you think might look cute. Here is a few things I did with them.

Pink Lemonade Pie Recipe with homemade whipped icing

Pink Lemonade Pie Recipe with homemade whipped icing

Pink Lemonade Pie Recipe with homemade whipped icing

These little pies really made the party fun! They are so cool and refreshing! I just love them! I tried to give away a few of the mason jar desserts but my husband did everything but tackle me to the floor! He was NOT giving them up! Can’t lie.. kinda made me feel good : )

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    • Ashley says

      Thanks ladies! I have to say I’m a little burnt out on Pink Lemonade though… lol! I’ll just have to give all the the hubs!

    • Ashley says

      Thanks so much! It is rather tasty : ) and super convenient since you can freeze it…. a little too convenient, lol

  1. says

    OMG! Get.in.my.belly. How come everything in a jar is SO much cuter? Not to mention these look totally delicious! What an awesome idea for a bridal or baby shower too. Thank you for sharing!


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