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Plaid Mason Jar Lid Ornament

It’s the third day of the 12 Days of Christmas Series. Each day that I share a new ornament I get even more excited about putting up my Christmas Tree! I’ll have to put it over the weekend for a few other blog posts I got coming up for you, and I can’t wait to hang all my new ornaments. If you’re up to date on my Christmas posts you already know this, but if not…. I am going with a Rustic Woodland Theme this year, and I’m head over heals for plaid right now, so naturally I needed some plaid ornaments. So today I’m sharing with you this Plaid Mason Jar Lid Ornament.

Super Simple and Easy Plaid Mason Jar Lid Ornament via Cherishedbliss.com

This year I’m all about the easy crafts for Christmas. When you are making a bunch of decor you can’t exactly sit down and create intricate projects… especially with my kids! But don’t a lack of time let you feel like you can’t have what you want! There are so many projects that take minutes to complete, and this one is lightening fast! Let’s talk about what you will need.


– Mason Jar Lids
– Fabric Scraps
– Twine
– Tape

How to Make a Plaid Mason Jar Lid Ornaments

Are you ready for the super fast awesome-ness? You literally just cover the inside of the mason jar lid with fabric and place it back in the outer ring. The fabric should hold it in place. If not you can add a little tape. Since I like to reuse things a lot and mason jar lids are something I’m always messing around with I didn’t want to be permanent, so I just taped on some twine to the back of the lid. It’s not heavy at all so it should hold fine. Mine has been hanging on a table top sized tree for a few days and we are still good : )

Super Simple and Easy Plaid Mason Jar Lid Ornament via Cherishedbliss.com

See how easy! Easy yet beautiful! I just love this fabric! I found it at Joann’s, and I kinda want to make myself some clothes with it. But it’s just asking to be used for home decor around my house,!

Super Simple and Easy Plaid Mason Jar Lid Ornament via Cherishedbliss.com

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