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Revamp Your Kitchen with Home Depot

So you might remember that I have moved like a million times in the last few years, and we are doing it again at the end of the month! Except this time we are buying and not renting, which means I get to paint whatever surface I want! I wish I could express to you how much I want to paint a surface, any surface, the color I want it to be!

Revamp Your Kitchen

 The photos above are what I would like to imagine my kitchen would look like. You can see more of these beautiful kitchens at Better Homes & Gardens!
Top Left // Top Right // Bottom Left

Today I’m going to give you a little sneak peek into the kitchen in our new house, because I’m that creepy lady(it’s true) who walks through houses with a camera so I can look at it and figure out how I want to paint and decorate while waiting on this ever long process of closing! Let’s just say our Realtor looked at me like “why did she bring such a huge camera to look at a house”. Obviously he hasn’t been around many bloggers ; ) So here is my future kitchen….

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Revamp Your Kitchen

Now this house is a foreclosure, so it will need a little extra attention! Which was what excites me most about it! The kitchen is probably my number one concern though. It’s just…  I dunno, you can see the picture right? What’s the word I’m looking for? Ugly? Yup… let’s go with ugly! So you might have noticed I wrote all over this picture with the things I want to do to this kitchen.

Looks like I will be hitting up Home Depot quite often for my home improvement needs. Check out this video to see why : )


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