Stenciled Coffee Cup

Drink First, Think Later

Stenciled Coffee Cup Quote Tutorial - #plaid #marthastewart #marthaglass

Coffee has to be one of the first things I think about in the morning… right after how lucky I am to have the most wonderful family ever! My sister and I quite often joke about how we couldn’t make it through the day without at LEAST two cups, I know addictions are bad but what can I say…
I’m so addicted I have found a way to save the coffee when the grinds end up in your coffee!

When I got Plaid’s new Martha Stewart glass paint line in the mail, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. Ok, I actually had a lot of ideas, but I had thought of this quote too ; )

Stenciled Coffee Cup Quote Tutorial - #plaid #marthastewart #marthaglass
It really was hard to pick just one project for these fabulous paints. To be honest… I didn’t choose just one! I made several projects that I’ll be sharing later on.

So do you want to know how to make your own coffee cup with a clever saying? (ok, I probably didn’t come up with this quote, but I haven’t seen it anywhere else on a coffee cup, I looked!)

Supplies Needed:
- Metallic Opaque Glass Paint, Black Nickel
– Metallic Opaque Glass Paint, Sterling
– Paint Dauber (3/8″)
– Adhesive Stencils – Bold Sans Alphabet
– Glass Scraper and Pick Set

-Rubbing Alcohol and cotton balls (for cleaning)

Stenciled Coffee Cup Quote Tutorial -
Aubrey and I got in a little bit of a paint fight over the black nickel paint (see it dripping out the sides) I won… guess I wanted it more : )

Stenciled Coffee Cup Quote Tutorial

Stenciled Coffee Cup Quote Tutorial - #plaid #marthastewart #marthaglass

First thing you do is clean the glass with rubbing alcohol to get it free of any dirt and fingerprints.  Then let it dry.

Next you will figure out where you want to use your stencils and center it up. I started with the middle letter and worked outwards on each side to help me keep it center.
Stenciled Coffee Cup Quote Tutorial -

Next you will take your dauber and use it to apply the paint inside your stencils. (see above) I alternated between the two colors listed above. Then using your dual end bent pick you will take the smallest side and move it back and forth across the paint in each stencil. This gives your paint a smooth finish and helps eliminate any bubbles. It really is a great tool, I highly suggest this if you are interested in glass painting!

Stenciled Coffee Cup Quote Tutorial -

Keep moving your way through each word, once you are done painting your stencils remove IMMEDIATELY. The paint dries pretty fast. I also let each word dry before doing the one below to reduce any risk of smearing my paint (totally something I would do since I lean towards the impatient side)

Once you are done you will likely need to remove a few little specks to clean up your letters. I also used the pick for this. You just simply scrape off what you need removed.

Stenciled Coffee Cup Before using the pick
Stenciled Coffee Cup Quote Tutorial - #plaid #marthastewart #marthaglass

Stenciled Coffee Cup After using the pick
Stenciled Coffee Cup Quote Tutorial - #plaid #marthastewart #marthaglass

Then I cured mine in the oven following the manufacturers directions. You can also let it air cure for 21 days.

Stenciled Coffee Cup Quote Tutorial - #plaid #marthastewart #marthaglass

Now you have a fun new stenciled coffee cup to drink out of…and give yourself a good laugh in the meantime!

Stenciled Coffee Cup Quote Tutorial - #plaid #marthastewart #marthaglass

Do you “Drink First and Think Later” or are you super chipper in the mornings? I can drink a whole pot… so not good, but completely necessary!

There are quite a few inspirational projects for painting on glass! I have been searching my house high and low for glass surfaces to paint on! If you are looking for some more inspiration you can check out these fabulous ladies:

You can find Plaid’s new Martha Stewart glass paint at Michael’s Stores along with other stencils, paints, tools, and accessories. To see what else you can do with this paint be sure to stay connected with Plaid on Facebook, Pinterest, and twitter (use hashtag #marthaglass).

Disclosure: I wrote this post as part of a paid campaign with Martha Stewart Glass Paints and Blueprint Social. The opinions in this post are my own.


    • Ashley says

      Thanks Carolyn…nobody wants to talk to me until I get my coffee ; ) Luckily I have an amazing husband who wakes me up with my coffee!

    • Ashley says

      Thanks Jenn! It was so much fun to make and fits me perfectly! We won’t talk about the time I tried to put my phone on the charger in the fridge ; )

    • Ashley says

      yes, morning coffee is quite the requirement around here. I had to get up and get Aubrey ready for school so I made coffee this morning and forgot to start it… Chris chose to be late so he could get his coffee : ) We mean business around here! lol

    • Ashley says

      Thanks Miranda! Morning is not my strong suit either…. no matter when I go to bed I just can’t wake up well, lol! Have a great day!

  1. says

    I have heard so much about these Martha Stewart paints. I really need to get painting! I don’t drink coffee, but the stenciled saying is really too cute. I came over from DIY Show Off and I can’t wait to see more of your projects
    Carissa recently posted..Pork Loin with CouscousMy Profile

    • Ashley says

      Thanks so much Carissa! I LOVE these paints! It is so much fun. I never painted much on glass, now I’m looking for it everywhere in my house to paint : )

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