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The Crafted Sparrow {Guest Post}

Hi, my name is Rebecca and you can usually find me over at The Crafted Sparrow

I’m a stay at home mom to two very handsome boys.  My passion is crafting and art, and I love that I’ve been blessed enough to have the opportunity to do what I love on a daily basis.  When you stop by The Crafted Sparrow you will find anything from a simple DIY project, the occasional recipe, fun party ideas, my favorite fashions, a random blurb about my family & life, to my favorite blog finds!
Today I thought I would share an easy DIY project with you all, wood chevron painted earrings.

I’m a huge dollar store fan, so when I find a great item at the dollar store that I can turn into something fabulous then I’m all over it!  I recently came across some solid wood earrings that were raw.  I’ve stocked up, thinking of all the possibilities of what I could do with them.

For this project I decided to utilize what supplies I had on hand.  Which ended up being nail polish & masking tape.
Here’s what I did…
Since I wanted to do a chevron striped earring using the masking tape was the easiest choice for me.  I can cut my design, paint it, stick it on, then seal it.  I started by painting the round earring piece and the round bead with acrylic paint for my base coat color.  I chose 3 colors, a couple I thought I will wear a lot this fall – Black & Gold, Gray & Coral.  The White & Teal are to finish out the summer!
While the base color on my earrings was drying I got my masking tape and made my chevron stickers.  I started by cutting a length of masking tape I knew would be long enough to fit the earring.  Then I created my chevron pattern.  For this photo I used a black marker to show you the design, but I recommend using a pencil lightly so that when it’s painted you don’t see the lines.


Once the design is drawn start cutting each row of the zig zag patter with your xacto knife.  Love my Martha Stewart xacto!  When it’s all cut it should look like this.


Next you will stick the masking tape zig zag pieces on to a plastic zip-lock bag and paint with nail polish in your choice of color.  Let the first coat dry before painting the second.  You can do up to 3 coats depending on how the nail polish is covering the masking tape.  I did 2 coats on mine.
Once the nail polish is dry you will need to peel your zig zag piece of tape off the zip-lock and clean up the edges from any remaining nail polish.  You may have to put it on a cutting board and use your xacto to help get clean edges.  Once they are ready to go just stick them on your earrings, make sure to press really good.  Trimming it at the edges, and lining up each row so the chevron pattern matches.  Your next step is to seal it.  I decided to just use clear nail polish that I had sitting right there and did a couple coats.  I suggest using ANY clear gloss coat sealer that you have, it can be a spray paint – varnish – modge podge, etc…  Let them dry thoroughly and then your done!




I want to say a huge thank you to Ashley for letting me be here today!  I am so honored for this opportunity.  I hope you will stop by and visit me sometime.


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