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Things to do {Pinterest}

I can admit it, I have an addiction! And my addiction is Pinterest! I love it so much!
There is one problem with it though. The problem is – I want to do so many things now I just don’t have time!! 
So I have decided to pick a few things that I really want to make and try my hardest to make those… 
baby steps!
Hopefully I will be making these soon
(click the picture for the link)

                                       Wish me Luck : )


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  1. Dana from Our Life's Legacy says

    haha. Too funny. I just drafted a post for my blog about my obsession with pinterest with some links to projects I want to tackle soon. Seems like I'm not the only one :)

  2. Johanson Family says

    Gosh, here I am picking the easiest crafts while you have picked some tough ones!! I love the bustle backpack!! So cute!! I vote for that one…

  3. The DIY Show Off says

    I love to sew and those ruffle totes are adorable (hadn't seen them!). I'm so glad you shared your pins in the Pinterest PinFest! It is an addiction…but a motivating one! ;)

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