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Wooden Number Magnets – A learning tool

Hello everyone!
Today I have a fun little craft you can do with your kids and it’s educational : ) That’s a win win right?
Aubrey is in preschool this year and Addison wishes she was. They are so eager to learn and I just don’t want to hinder that!
So I made some

Wooden Number Magnets

Wooden Number Magnets for kids via cherishedbliss.com

I decided to do numbers instead of alphabet because both my kids rock at letter recognition. I mean.. I helped but Thank You Super Why! lol.
My kids both love to count to… Aubrey is really grasping how the twenties, thirties, and so on work, so I wanted to start working with him on number recognition.
Usually when I ask him to tell me what time it is he will say “It’s five-two-four” instead of five twenty four. So in order to do that I made a wooden magnet with each number so we can go through and work on this. I’ll work with Addison too, she is desperate to be caught up with her bubby. She even makes up stories about what she did at her “school” so cute!

These are seriously super super easy to make! Here is what you’ll need.


– PSA Stamp with the number peel and stick pack
– Wooden circles from Hobby Lobby
– Magnet strip

Wooden Number Magnets for kids via cherishedbliss.com

To make them, you just stamp each of the numbers onto the wooden circles and let dry. Then cut a little square off your magnet strip and stick it on the back. My magnet strip was a peel and stick so you might have to glue it on depending what kind you get.

Wooden Number Magnets for kids via cherishedbliss.com
Then you just stick them on your fridge and practice practice practice!
The kids love playing with them too!
Did I mention these look way better than those ugly little plastic ones? I always hated those… maybe it’s just me : )

For more great ideas on what you can do with PSA Stamps, make sure and check out their blog! There is some great stuff on there! Be sure to fan them on facebook too so you can keep up with all the great deals and giveaways!

So what fun learning games do you do with your kids? I’m always looking for some fun ideas to keep the kids occupied!

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. I did receive free product as a member of the PSA Essentials Design Team


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