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A Charlie Brown Snow Globe

It looks like Christmas time around here!
Especially in my craft room : )

Charlie Brown Snow Globe

A DIY Charlie Brown Snow Globe via Cherishedbliss.com #Christmas #snowglobe

Charlie Brown is very important in this house!
Not only am I a huge fan, but my daughter is completely and utterly obsessed with Charlie Brown!

So I’m pretty sure I’ll have to hide this from her or at least put it up high, otherwise, it’s sure to break!

So, you might have noticed that there isn’t any liquid in there… so I guess you could say it’s a “faux” snow globe….
fun nonetheless : )

A DIY Charlie Brown Snow Globe via Cherishedbliss.com #Christmas #snowglobe

To make this fun little snow globe I used my fabulous PSA Stamps.

The stamps I used were from the Peanuts Christmas Wishes Stamp Pack.
These stamps really are quite versatile.
First I stamped the three different designs with a black ink on white paper,
then I used the skinny crayola markers (my son’s) to color it in. Then I used an exacto knife to cute out the designs and glued it on my snowflake paper circles.

 Next I took the sticks you use to make cake pops out of (or you could use a small dowel rod) and just taped it on the back of the circles with some washi tape.

A DIY Charlie Brown Snow Globe via Cherishedbliss.com #Christmas #snowglobe

Then I glued the sticks onto the underside of the mason jar lid and covered it up with some extra poly-fil I had lying around.
You could easily use cotton or the actual snow you can buy at Christmas time.

Then you just put the lid on the mason jar and enjoy your cute little Charlie Brown Snow Globe!

A DIY Charlie Brown Snow Globe via Cherishedbliss.com #Christmas #snowglobe

There are a TON of things you can do with all the different PSA Stamps. For more ideas check out their blog at PSA Stamp Camp!
The possibilities are endless!

Make sure you become a fan of their facebook page too because there is always something fun going on father it be super awesome deals or a giveaway!

A DIY Charlie Brown Snow Globe via Cherishedbliss.com #Christmas #snowglobe

What Christmas Crafting are you up to? Have you started yet?!

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    • Ashley says

      Thanks Laura! It is super easy : ) I want to make some real snow globes now so the kids can shake them.. hmm.. that sounded better in my head, I’m sure I’ll just have a huge mess to clean up, lol!

    • Ashley says

      Thanks Kelly! Yes, as much as my kids want the hot glue gun… I keep telling them they have to be a little older. Not sure how long I can hold out though : )

    • Ashley says

      Thanks Ladies! We LOVE LOVE LOVE Charlie Brown! We have been watching the Thanksgiving one since summer… Addison is obsessed!

    • Ashley says

      hehe! Thanks Shannon! It’s kinda sad how many Christmas projects I have already done. Oh well, it’s fun and that’s what matters!

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