Cupcake Liner Handmade Ornaments

This year I have made a commitment to have a completely handmade Christmas tree!
Yes, I am crazy. But I think I might actually be able to do it!

handmade ornaments

Cupcake Liner Handmade Ornaments via #christmas #ornaments

You know how when you go to department stores and they always have gorgeous tress with the big ornaments?
Well, I decided that I too want some “big” ornaments.

Cupcake Liner Handmade Ornaments via #christmas #ornaments
So I took my wooden plaques that I bought from Pick Your Plum and made some fun/big ornaments.
In this project I used some awesome products from X-ACTO  who just happens to have recently launched the Z-Series Knife —X-ACTO’s sharpest and most durable blade yet thanks to its coating of Zirconium Nitride.

So let’s get our supplies gathered up and get started!

{You will need}

– Wooden Plaques
– Cute cupcake liners
– Scrapbook Paper
– Elmer’s Dot Runner
– Ribbon
– Elmer’s Painters


First let’s make those cute little trees shall we?
Just take your cupcake liner and fold it in half (semi-circle)
Fold like it is pictured to make it look like a tree.
After folding it, you might have a little excess hanging off, just trim that with your scissors.
Then take your dot runner and use it to keep the “flaps down a little bit so they trees keep their shape.
Then set aside

Cupcake Liner Handmade Ornaments via #christmas #ornaments
Cupcake Liner Handmade Ornaments via #christmas #ornaments

Now, let’s take our wooden plaques and painters marker.

Cupcake Liner Handmade Ornaments via #christmas #ornaments
I used my painter (in pearl red color) to trace around the edge of my plaque, and let dry.

Cupcake Liner Handmade Ornaments via #christmas #ornaments

Now we are going to cut out 3 circles (for each ornament) from your scrapbook paper.
Mine are 2″ diameter circles.

Cupcake Liner Handmade Ornaments via #christmas #ornaments
Now we are going to arrange these like pictures and using your dot runner attach the tree strait to the circles.
I left my circles unglued so I could makes sure they were centered up while attaching the tree, and just made sure to hit all the circles with the glue dots that were on the tree.

Flip over your paper circles and tree and apply some more of your glue dots, center it up, and put it on your wooden plaque.

Cupcake Liner Handmade Ornaments via #christmas #ornaments

Now just glue some ribbon on the backs so you can hang it on your tree!

Cupcake Liner Handmade Ornaments via #christmas #ornaments
Don’t you just love a good handmade ornament?
I am really looking forward to making some with my kids.

Make sure and keep up with X-ACTO on facebook for some awesome deals!
and I’ll let you in on a little secret.. there will be a giveaway soon! : )  

Cupcake Liner Handmade Ornaments via #christmas #ornaments

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Disclosure: I was provided with free product for this post, however all opinions are 100% my own! 


    • Ashley says

      Thanks Vanessa! I have so many of those things lying around, I figure better to use them like this than fill them with cupcakes, hehe

  1. says

    Wow! I am so amazed at your dedication. It is so hard to do comsidering that there are other activities that need attending to. I guess the Christmas spirit has gotten into you this early. :)

  2. says

    These are so cute. I’m also making a lot of ornaments this year… but our transition to a completely handmade tree is a bit more gradual than yours! Good luck getting it all done in time. Looks like you are off to a stellar start. Pinning this project. :-)
    Karen recently posted..Handmade Bird Ornament 2012My Profile

    • Ashley says

      Thanks so much Karen! I’m doing better than I thought, it might not have ALL handmade ornaments, we’ll see, lol!

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