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Yo Yo Crib Mobile Tutorial

Yo Yo Crib Mobile

Yo Yo Crib Mobile // Cherished Bliss
Hot glue gun (with glue sticks)
Extra strong thread
Yo-Yo Maker (purchase at hobby lobby, joann’s, or any other major craft store) or go here to learn how to make them the time consuming old fashioned way :)
An embroidery loop (the inner loop), this is what it will hang from (feel free to use anything you like, You could attach sticks together in a square use an oval shaped item… the possibilities are endless, match it up to your décor!
Fabric of your choice (I’ve always used scrap materials to make mine, or you would need a maximum amount of 1 yard fabric total (just depends how many yo yo’s you want to make. I usually use different coordinating fabrics, but that is completely up to you.)
ribbon, or trim (used to wrap your loop in and to hang from the ceiling) some ideas… (boa feather trim, sequins, fabric strips, ect…have fun at the craft store : )
sewing machine if you have one, but you can do the minimal stitching by hand if you don’t have one

Step 1.  make yo yo’s

I like to make all my yo yo’s first. So you will need to figure out how many strands you want hanging down, and how many yo yo’s you want in each strand, take into consideration if you want to alternate number of yo yo’s in each row. The above picture has 6 rows (3 rows of 6 yo yo’s and 3 rows of 7 yo yo’s alternating each row)
Make your desired number of yo yo’s by following the instructions on your yo yo maker, or refer to the website above on how to make them by hand.You will actually be inserting fabric into the yo yo maker for easy stitching purposes, you will then remove the plastic yo yo maker which will cinch up your fabric for you. 

 yo yo maker
Yo Yo Crib Mobile // Cherished BlissYo Yo Crib Mobile // Cherished Bliss
Step 2.  Attach yo yo’s together
Now that you have made all your yo yo’s we are going to sew them together to make a strand (however many you want).
Make a sandwich with two yo yo’s with the flat sides together
Yo Yo Crib Mobile // Cherished Bliss

Then we will do a slip stitch to attach the two together.

Yo Yo Crib Mobile // Cherished Bliss


Continue stitching in a circular motion through the two yo yo’s 2 or 3 times, and then tie it off and cut your excess thread. When you let go they should be attached at the ends.
Yo Yo Crib Mobile // Cherished Bliss
Continue until you have how many yo yo’s you want in each strand and the number of strands you want over all.
Set your yo yo strands aside.
Step 3.
Take the inner part of your embroidery loop (or whatever you have chosen to use) and we are going to wrap the ribbon around.
Yo Yo Crib Mobile // Cherished Bliss


First, you will cut the end of the ribbon at diagonal and hot glue it on the inside of your loop
Yo Yo Crib Mobile // Cherished Bliss
Wrap it around the loop maintaining the diagonal direction of the ribbon
Yo Yo Crib Mobile // Cherished Bliss

Hot glue the ribbon down every couple of wraps (make sure to put the glue on the inner side of the loop as it does leave a small bump.)

Continue this process until you wrap the ribbon all the way around the loop.
Yo Yo Crib Mobile // Cherished Bliss
When you get to the end, overlap the beginning of the ribbon, hot glue it to the inside, and cut off the excess.
Step 4. Attach the yo yo strands to the loop
Measure the circumference of the loop you are using and divide it by how many strands you have in order to figure out the placement for each strand. Mark it with a pin.
Next we will hand stitch the yo yo strands to the ribbon on the loop. Once your needle is threaded, complete one stich in the yo yo, and then on the bottom, inside corner of the loop pulling the yo yo flush to the loop, stitch throw the ribbon, and then repeat a few times. Tie off, and cut off excess.
Repeat for all strands.
Yo Yo Crib Mobile // Cherished Bliss
Once attached it should look like this.
Yo Yo Crib Mobile // Cherished Bliss


Step 5. Attach ribbon for hanging
Once all your strands are stitched onto the loop we will be attaching the ribbon used to hang the mobile.
(measure out the length you want it to hang (approx. 10-14 inches) and cut the number of strands you want to use to hang the loop from)… I did three in the picture below 5b
First cut a straight edge on your ribbon and hot glue it to the inside of the loop with the rough edge on the top inside corner.
Yo Yo Crib Mobile // Cherished Bliss
Wrap it around and hot glue one more time on the inside. Bring it back up around the outside edge and pull above (this will create the peak in which it will hang)
Yo Yo Crib Mobile // Cherished Bliss
<<—– Hanging ribbon strands that form the peak
Repeat the above step with all your hanging ribbon strands.
Next pull all the ends of the ribbon together to form your peak and layer each piece on top of the other and fold it over to create a loop.
Yo Yo Crib Mobile // Cherished Bliss
Now we will make a hand stitch across the width of the ribbon right above my fingertips pictured above. (this stitch does not have to be pretty, it will be covered, but make sure it is sturdy.)
Once the stitch is complete, tie it off and cut of any excess thread.
Yo Yo Crib Mobile // Cherished Bliss
Step 6.
Now we will cover up the stitch.
Cut a piece of ribbon long enough to wrap around the width of the stitch we just made.
Hot glue the cut edge to the end of the stich and wrap around, then hot glue the ribbon down to form a tight loop around the stitch. Then, cut off any excess at the end.
Yo Yo Crib Mobile // Cherished Bliss
Now you have a nice loop at the top of your peak. You can either hang this on a mobile stand you already have, or what I personally like is hanging it from the ceiling using fishing line.
YAY!! You are done and have your very own homemade crib mobile.
Yo Yo Crib Mobile // Cherished Bliss
Also, check out my tutorial on a matching Yo Yo Wall hanging here


  1. CherishedBliss says

    Thanks!! I have another yo yo project I plan on posting next week, I did my daughter's room shabby chic and yo yo's are very cheap and work perfectly for that kind of room. Check back!! and thanks for looking at my blog

  2. Ashley @ Little Miss Momma says

    this is sooo precious, and I have a ton of yoyo's that I don't know what to do with–so this is perfect!

  3. Emily S says

    Awwwww this is so cute!!! I love the use of the yoyos, and I'm sure a matching pillow somewhere in the room would go so perfectly. Great job!


  4. Ashley J says

    This is so darling!!!! I love it! Great job!

    Ashley J @ mommybydaycrafterbynight.blogspot.com

  5. Bethany @ A Fish Who Likes Flowers says

    Very cute! I might have to use this for a baby shower gift! Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. says

    Wow this is cute – i wish i could sew. love your site! found you on link it up thursday (i’m late!) please check me out at jugglingactmama.blogspot.com :)

    • Ashley says

      Thanks so much! You really don’t need any sewing skills to make this! This was the first thing I made before starting to sew : ) It’s kinda what got me into it!

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