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Picture Me Domestic

Have you seen the picture me domestic contest going on? It is a pretty fun idea! You can check out all the details here, but the main idea is to take pictures of yourself in your “domestic” setting…. what do you do at home? The trick though is that you have to take the pictures of yourself….no help, so

here is a little bit of me domesticating it up!
(sorry for the terrible pictures… I used my phone)

First I make coffee because well… it’s scary otherwise! See that smile, I already had a cup : )
Make Coffee

Then I avoid folding the laundry that sits on my bed. How else would I be typing this post? : )
Fold Laundry

Every so often I bake something… today I did, it was a fail though so back to normal….
(not sure what’s going on with the hair…scary though)
Make some pie crust

Here is what I do most of the time… pick little things up off the floor…. I think about this a lot before I actually do it!
Clean up toys


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