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Christmas in July

It’s time to jump on the bandwagon! Everyone is talking about Christmas in July so I want to too!! I have actually been pinning things to my pinterest for a while now in preparation for my favorite time of year! I love Christmas soooo much and I’m not pregnant this year and I don’t have a super little infant so I feel like I’ll be able to do more this year! YAY!
So here is my must start soon to finish BEFORE Christmas list : ) 
(click the pictures for tutorials)


So this is my Christmas in July : ) What will yours look like this year? Any good ideas I need to see?!


  1. Johanson Family says

    I know I'm inspired by the idea of Christmas in July… i'm constantly on the hunt for new fresh ideas and trying to get things bought now so I'm not scrambling later…. when I have a new born and two other little people tuggin' at my ankles! :) Love all those same pinterest ideas!!

  2. sweetybird09 says

    I love the things you have shown, the candy cane bouquet looks so great I want to eat a candy cane!

  3. Michelle@ourwonderfilledlife.com says

    Gorgeous!! I especially love the yarn ball wreath and the tree, beautiful!!

  4. beautiful swag store says

    Hey got stuff in both of my shops that might give you ideas or you might find stuff to buy..

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