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DIY Key Holder {yellow love}

Happy Monday!!
Today I have a fun little project for you, I love yellow. Isn’t it just so happy?!


A brightly colored DIY Key Holder. Love it!! #DIY

I’m in this tough place right now, because it’s so hard for me to complete projects knowing I am about to have to pack everything up and move again! Did I tell yall that? I have serious pregnancy brain, people don’t lie… it gets worse with each child and this is my 3rd so you can image! Just in case I forgot to mention that, we are definitely moving… probably March or April ish. We are getting ready to put an offer on a house! YAY! That means I can paint walls, tear things out, I originally started out wanting to blog about decorating my home and making transformations, but moving 3 times in less than a year, in rentals for that matter kinda puts a damper on things! So get ready for some home improvement posts over the summer!!

A brightly colored DIY Key Holder. Love it!! #DIY

This little guy was fun to paint though! I really do enjoy painting, especially furniture!
To make this I actually started off pretty easy. I bought this set of chipboard wood from Pick Your Plum and it has been sitting around for a while now! I finally decided to do something with it and I’m so happy. I already know I want my kitchen to have yellow in it, and that’s where we usually keep our keys (or close to) so it  just made sense!

A brightly colored DIY Key Holder. Love it!! #DIY

So after painting the main board white, the little rectangles and the stripe yellow, I hand screwed those hooks in… can we say numb fingers! I guess I need some finger strength exercises, hehe!

Then I used my PSA Stamps to stamp on the letters ( so easy by the way! ). Then I just sprayed a little hairspray on to seal the ink…. just a little trick ; ) For more great projects and tips using PSA Stamps, make sure and stop by their blog!

If you want to see what else inspires me for my newly anticipated kitchen, check out my Pinterest Kitchen Board I also have a huge addiction in general to pinterest, I’d love to have you follow along and pin with me! : )

Have a beautiful day!


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  1. Chris Wyrick says

    Congratulations on the pregnancy and the upcoming relocation, hopefully your last for awhile! And thank you for all the lovely ideas you share with us. Wishing you all the best!

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