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Dyed Cheesecloth Pumpkins

Today I’m going to share with you the tutorial for my Cheesecloth Pumpkin.
You might remember them from my Fall Mantel.

Dyed Cheesecloth Pumpkin // Cherished Bliss #pumpkin #tutorial

I have been wanting to dye some fabric for a while, specifically cheesecloth. Probably because it’s so cheap I just wanted to figure out how to use it : )
Now that I have done it I can say two things about it:
– Dying fabric is not as difficult as it seems
– I LOVE cheesecloth

I’ve said it a 1,000 time, but I am in LOVE with fall! Really… I am. I know I talk about it a lot these days, but there wasn’t exactly a fall time in Texas so it is so new and exciting to me! I could watch the leaves fall all day long!

So do you want your own cute little cheesecloth pumpkin? Here is what you will need:


– 1 pkg of cheesecloth (got mine at walmart)
– 1 bottle of orange rit dye
– small amount of fabric to go under the cheesecloth
– yarn or twine for the stem
– Rit Dye Instructions can be found on the bottle or here 


First thing you do is prepare the cheesecloth. I just followed the instructions on the bottle, but I have an HE machine, so I’ll share with you how I did it since it seemed to work for me ; )
You want to put your cheesecloth in the machine already wet, so I just soaked mine in the sink and put it in there already wet.

Dyed Cheesecloth Pumpkin // Cherished Bliss #pumpkin #tutorial

Then you will need to dilute the dye. So, again following directions, I poured 1/2 the bottle into 4 cups of the hottest tap water I could get. (I had to do this in two separate batches because my measuring cup was only two cups – 1/4 bottle + 2 cups and then repeat one more time)

Dyed Cheesecloth Pumpkin // Cherished Bliss #pumpkin #tutorial

 Then just pour it in where you normally put detergent.

Dyed Cheesecloth Pumpkin // Cherished Bliss #pumpkin #tutorial

It can get a little messy, so if you have pretty rugs underneath, you might want to move them, or put something under cause I got a little on my floor pouring it in. Luckily this is my laundry room……

Dyed Cheesecloth Pumpkin // Cherished Bliss #pumpkin #tutorial

I know, you’re jealous right? : ) At least it’s a laundry room, even if I forget about all my clothes down in the basement ; ) Plus I don’t have to worry about a little dye on the floor! Ok, moving on….

Then I just set my washing machine to whitest whites and added in a soak time and extra rinse. Again, please make sure to follow the directions on the bottle!
Then I dried it, and that was it!
See…..really not that difficult! : )

Dyed Cheesecloth Pumpkin // Cherished Bliss #pumpkin #tutorial
Now on to the pumpkin.

Cheesecloth Pumpkin Tutorial

I just took a paper bag and crumpled it up and shaped it how I wanted. Then I wrapped it up in some off white flannel material I had lying around.

Wrap the cheesecloth around that and trim as necessary. Then wrap yarn or twine around the “stem” and tie it off.

Dyed Cheesecloth Pumpkin // Cherished Bliss #pumpkin #tutorial

Dyed Cheesecloth Pumpkin // Cherished Bliss #pumpkin #tutorial

Dyed Cheesecloth Pumpkin // Cherished Bliss #pumpkin #tutorial

So take a peek at my Fall Mantel and see how it turned out.
You can also check out my other fall projects:

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 Please follow the directions, I am only providing a guide on what worked for me. I cannot be held liable for following this tutorial. Please do not do anything you feel uncomfortable with and always check with the manufacturer.


    • Ashley says

      Thanks Ruth! I was a little scared, but it didn’t stain the tray or mess anything up. You do have to clean your washer afterwards. I just ran a cleaning cycle with bleach and washed a load of old towels to be sure and all was good! : )

    • Ashley says

      Thanks ladies! Yeah… I think I might have a new thing with cheesecloth? What can I do with it for Christmas? hehe

    • Ashley says

      I didn’t realize how easy it was! I am addicted… I will be changing the color of a lot of fabric around here… I’m tempted to try it on my couch. My husband would probably fall over if I did that though!

    • Ashley says

      I didn’t either… it’s so easy! Nope, it didn’t mess it up at all. It didn’t even dye the tray, which I was a little concerned about. I did run a cleaning cycle afterwards with bleach just to be sure though!

    • Ashley says

      Gina, it really wasn’t that bad at all. I did an extra rinse cycle with the fabric still in there. Then afterwards I just ran a cleaning cycle with bleach and it was good to go… I wash a load of old towels and cleaning rags and no orange! It didn’t even dye my tray : )

    • Ashley says

      Thanks ladies! I had soooo much fun with these : ) I went back and forth about the white underneath… and I’m so glad I stuck with it!

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