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Friday Photos

Have you ever suddenly realized…
I haven’t been taking very many photos of my kids

Well I did this week. I realized that I have just been so busy with the move and everything that I have completely neglected to take picture of my kids! So I decided I am going to start taking pictures every week and then share a few of my favorites on Fridays. Plus I said a few weeks ago that I was going to start sharing more of who I am. I have slacked on that too so this kills to birds with one stone : )

Here is my favorite picture from this week.

Aubrey addison

We walked the kids to the park and Addison was trying to run away from me and wouldn’t hold my hand. Luckily bubby (what she calls Aubrey) came and held her hand for me! Then they walked like this the rest of the way. If you know my kids for Aubrey not to be making her scream is a miracle in itself! They were just so adorable, I was a happy mama!

Oh, and we had a pajama park day. We were still all in our pajamas from the day and so we just stayed in them.

Addison and Daddy

I don’t show you my husband too much.. I wouldn’t want you to get jealous (hehe) Isn’t he just so handsome.. I LOVE him! This is why we have such beautiful children! ; )



The Family Pet. We even have the cutest dog.. I know, its really not fair : )
Although we don’t have a fence in our new house so he went from being an outside dog to an inside dog and he is driving me a little nuts!

My babies

We didn’t stay long since Aubrey had to go potty, but it was long enough where we had to carry Addison home.
Mission Accomplished!

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Johanson Family says

    Looks like a lot of fun- although, Chris doesn't really sleeping in his jeans for jammies,is he?
    VERY CUte family!! I love you to peices!!

  2. Johanson Family says

    Ps. Tell Chris to pick up the camera once in a while and get pictures of YOU– lil' momma!! xoxo

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