How to Score Cardstock

Maybe you aren’t an avid scrapbook, but still like crafting with paper? I use paper all the time, but I wouldn’t call myself a “scrapbooker”. Well, today I’m going to teach you a little trick that will help you when folding thicker paper and cardstock to not get those cracked edges and uneven folds without buying any special tools!

How to Score Cardstock paper with household items via

All you need is:
- Cardstock
- Flat surface you can apply pressure to (ex. cutting mat, cutting board from you kitchen, etc.)
- Butter knife
- Straight Edge (ex. ruler)

How to Score Cardstock with Household Items

Just line your paper up with your straight edge wherever you plan to make the fold (make sure you are even on both sides of the paper or you will get a diagonal line. Hold your straight edge firmly, and then using the non-serrated edge of your butter knife, apply pressure right up against your straight edge and slide down your ruler. You are going to want to apply some pressure, don’t be too nice to the paper ; )

How to Score Cardstock paper with household items via

Practice on a few scrap pieces until you see how hard you need to press because it is a little harder than you think!

How to Score Cardstock paper with household items via

Aren’t convinced yet? Let’s take a look at a piece that is just folded real quick vs the scored fold!

How to Score Cardstock paper with household items via

See what I mean. It’s just cleaner and prettier isn’t it? So go score something, then let me know what you think! I have a few projects coming up in the next week or so that involve scoring, so if you don’t know what to score, just come back in a few days and I can give you some examples! : )



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