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My Summer Mantel

So maybe you remember that I don’t have a mantel in this house. Of course, as you know, I am moving at the end of the month (yes, again) and I will have a fireplace. However, the last 4 months I have not, so I created my fake “mantel”. I’m really behind in showing you this… moving everytime you take a breath does that to a person, lol! Nonetheless, I made it before the end of summer and that was the goal here ; ) So here it is

my summer mantel

Sumer Mantel

It’s technically the top of a dresser, but hey, it works! The background is my pallet wood, you can get the tutorial here.
What do you think of my window screen… it came with the rental.. hehe! And I’m pretty sure I can take it since the windows were replaced and you can’t use these anymore. Don’t have to twist my arm ; )

Yarn Pom Poms

My favorite part: The Yarn Pom Pom’s…. and my attempt at an ombre pom pom. Not quite what I imagined, but I didn’t try to fix it either. It works for me! I’m going to try and perfect that though, I’ll let you know when I do.

Pom Poms in vase

Those are real sticks on the pom poms. I just kinda stuck the pom pom on top until it stayed. Super easy!

Summer Mantel Banner

You might recognize my paint chip banner banner from a few weeks ago. I used a fabulous nesting die from Lifestyle Crafts. You can check out the tutorial if you want!

Framed Chalk Board

I am loving chalkboard right now! I used some chalkboard paper I got from Pick Your Plum and inserted it into my frame. Try not to dwell on the hideous handwriting. I’m terrible. I always wanted to be one of those people that draw the awesome chalkboard things that you see in restaurants. Guess that just wasn’t my calling ; )

Fake Mantel

So this is what you see when you walk into my front door…. at least for the next few weeks! I already have plans for my fall “mantel”. I know that was fast right?

Do you have a fake mantel? I’d love to see yours!


  1. says

    I absolutely love your mantle! You pulled everything together to create a fresh, welcoming mantle filled with beautiful summer colors and textures! I am particularly fond of the wood background. Great job! Have a wonderful weekend!
    Jessica recently posted..Rejoicing in Heaven!My Profile

    • Ashley says

      Thanks so much! I love changing something up with each season and holiday so I had to find something that would do :)

    • Ashley says

      You know, after thinking about it… I don’t think it has a mantel : ( So I’ll be sticking with my dresser looks like! Thanks for stopping by!

    • Ashley says

      haha, thanks Carol! Maybe one day I’ll be a professional restaurant chalkboard artist, probably not, but hey a girl can dream : ) Thanks for stopping by!

  2. says

    Great idea to use a dresser for your mantel!! My mantel is covered by the T.V. ;( I love the background and the pom-poms!! All of it is so cute! Thanks for partying with me girlie.:)

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