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Our New Adventure

Wow! I can’t even describe how good it feels to have internet and be back to blogging! It really reminded me how much I enjoy it.

So I’ve been gone for a few weeks and here is a little insight as to why.

Mid March we came up to Wisconsin for Chris to interview for a Worship Pastor position in a church here in the Appleton area. We drove up here with both our kids (eeek) and the church offered Chris the position on March 14th (my birthday). We were super excited and drove home to make plans. These plans of course included me leaving my family and all I’ve ever known… it’s still a little weird, but at least we have Skype! I miss my family more than I can say, but I find peace knowing that this is where God wants us.

Our original plan was to head to Wisconsin by the end of April, obviously that didn’t pan out since it’s the 12th and I am already here. Things moved a little quickly : ) We headed up here without a super concrete plan. We stayed in the church’s mission house for a few days while we looked for a rental. That was the most stressful two days I have been through in a while. There are not a lot of rentals in the area so the ones that are available literally just disappear! It was crazy!

This is how I came to find my wonderful little rental house with the most awesome key EVER!


We originally wanted to live in Little Chute. It’s a pretty small little area so we just assumed the chances of us finding a rental here would be slim to none so we looked all over. BUT there was this commercial property for lease which was actually just an old house. We were desperate so I asked Chris like 20 times to just call and he finally gave in and left a voicemail.
On the day where we pretty much had to make a decision we had left numerous voicemails with not very many call backs and we were just out of options. We were on our way to fax an application to a house that I was not super happy with. It was more expensive than we would have liked and it lacked the old house charm that so many houses here have (which I wanted more than anything!)

THEN all the sudden Chris runs up the stairs to the house we were staying at and said we had to leave NOW! The owner from the commercial property called and yes it was commercial BUT he said he had 2 other houses he was looking to lease in LITTLE CHUTE, exactly where I wanted to be! We practically ran over here… in our van of course. We leased it that day. But it gets better. We want to buy because well I like to do things to my house that most landlords wouldn’t want… like paint… and change things, a lot of things. However our landlord has to be one of the most awesome people EVER. We didn’t have to sign a lease (which is practically unheard of) and he doesn’t care what I do to the house. I can paint, I can rip up carpet and expose the beautiful wood floors that are under it! Yup… best landlord ever!

This house needs some work, but it’s totally livable! It’s mainly just cosmetic stuff that I am anxious to get working on. I know it’s a rental and I’m putting my efforts into a house that’s not mine, but I enjoy doing it. I’m a way from my family so I don’t really have a whole lot to do… so I might as well make my house look the way I want! God had all this in place for us and I was stressing for nothing! God is so good!

Ok… I’m done. Here is my new house!

I’m sorry for the horrible picture quality I took these on my phone. I was trying to hurry before my husband and dad started dumping everything on the floor! They were a little faster than I was!


Isn’t it just adorable! I have always had a thing for old houses! I can’t wait to fix up my front porch and drink coffee on it!

Let’s take a peak inside!

Living Room

I can’t wait to show you what’s under that carpet!

Dining Room

When you walk in the house the living room is off to the right and the dining is off to the left.
Then you walk through the dining into the kitchen.


kitchen stove

Kitchen 2

I am planning on using some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on these cabinets I already have some so I think I can manage with only buying one more can so… $25. I’m thinking so! That random little countertop thingy.. well, that’s a surprise! : )

The master bedroom is off the living room, and also you can get there from the hallway by the stairs.

Master Bedroom

Also in that little hallway is the bathroom. I think I might just leave it how it is. : ) Just decorate it a little and we already took down that bar thing on the bathtub.. that made a HUGE difference!


There is just 2 bedrooms upstairs with all the beautiful woodwork you saw in the other rooms! They each have an attic space door… Aubrey says it’s his “bat cave”! Luckily we can lock these doors because I think he might try and live in them if we couldn’t!

So there it is… my new house. It needs some loving care, but there is so much potential here. I can’t wait to get started! Oh and I have a basement… I guess there is a first time for everything : ) The basement is pretty outdated, but useable… my craft/sewing room will be down there so you will see it soon! 

Do you have a home tour or before/after pictures of the rooms in your house? I want to see! Leave me a link in the comments!











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  1. Michelle@ourwonderfilledlife.com says

    Ashley! You aren't too far from me in Chicagoland now ;) The home is adorable, I love the leap of faith you and your family are taking, and I agree the bathroom is super cute! You will make it your own in no time!! xoxoxo Michelle

  2. At The Picket Fence says

    That is a seriously charming and darling house Ashley! I am so happy for you and I know you are going to help it live up to it's full potential. Glad we get to come along for the ride! :-)

  3. Janel@hatingmartha says

    Congrats on the move! congrats on knowing what heating is! Wisconsin is blessed to have you…and so is that little house that needs some love and care! You are the perfect person to breathe new life into it!

  4. Melissa says

    hahah im about 10 miles away from you. i live in holland right outside of wrightstown. if you need any tips on the area let me know!

  5. Piper and Joe Hensley says

    Your creativity will make it so cute! The house reminds me of the one we had in Indiana & remodeled! Blessings on your new journey! God has INCREDIBLE things in store for your family! :0) love y'all!

  6. Katie says

    That's awesome Ashley!! I can't wait to see what you do with it! I know it'll be amazing! I hear ya on the floorboard heaters – I moved to NY for a few years and coming from TN I had no idea what the heck they were! And no air conditioning? That's crazy talk! Congrats on finding a space so fast!

  7. Dena Peavler says

    Ashley — The house is so awesome and has so much potential. I can't wait to see the pics of all you do to it. You are so talented. It will be beautiful!!

  8. Alexandrite Woman says

    What a beautiful hoouse! It screams for your wonderful touch! Can't wait to see how you make it come alive and sing! Blessings on you and your family in such a move.

  9. Holly says

    Wow, that is so exciting! Congrats to your husband for the new job and have fun decorating. The house has so much charm, and will look amazing once you have had your way with it!

  10. The Homespun Loft says

    Your new home is Very Cute– lots of potential there! can't wait to see what you do with it. I agree- I like that bathroom–Love the shelving unit & wish I had room in mine to do that!
    And you know what?- this home will give you practice for when you finally buy your own.
    Have fun!

  11. The DIY Show Off says

    I love it! I can't wait to watch the journey of making it "Cherished Bliss"! ;) So much potential and charm!

  12. Carla's Inspirations says

    Wisconsin is a great state! I grew up there. The house you are living in is similar to one my parents lived in when I was growing up. We had all beautiful wood floors, no carpet. Hopefully you can get your floors all pretty!

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