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Stocking Hat Crochet Pattern {free}

Stocking Hat PatternYou love seeing “free” in the title right? I know I love free things!!
Well, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas
In my craft room that is ; )

I have decided to pull a crochet pattern from my etsy shop and
offer it up for free!! YAY!

Stocking Hat Crochet Pattern

Adorable FREE Stocking Hat Crochet Pattern via cherishedbliss.com(link to pattern below)

First off, I have to thank Traci Ryant for her beautiful photography,
seriously one of my favorite newborn photographers EVER!
Definitely stop by and check out her work!!

Now, I don’t really share a whole lot of my crochet projects.
One, I usually try and put them in my etsy shop, and two…..
I haven’t been crocheting much since we have moved 3 times in the last year,
I guess that just got pushed aside in all the business.

However, all the cold gets me in the mood for crocheting so I have been working on some hats for the kids!

Adorable FREE Stocking Hat Crochet Pattern via cherishedbliss.com

Sizes included:
Newborn – 3 Months
3-6 Months
6-12 Months
12-36 Months

 I haven’t made one of these since last year, I made one for Aubrey, it is so cute….
They have so much fun in them! Great thing about this pattern….
You can make it in any color combination and it gives you a great newborn prop
or even just a fun hat for the kids!

 Adorable FREE Stocking Hat Crochet Pattern via cherishedbliss.com

 This Pattern is for personal use only! Please do not sell items made using this pattern. Please always link back when using this pattern for personal use. For a limited usage License please contact me. You may not alter, change, or distribute this pattern! 

Click here to download the Stocking Hat Pattern

If you make any of these, I would love to see! Feel free to share them on my facebook wall

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      • Corey Evans says

        How much would you make one of these for? Our daughter Lakyn Olivia will be here any day now and we don’t have anyone to crochet for us…and we both LOVE this!!


        • Ashley says

          For this hat I would charge $40 which would include shipping. I’m not positive that they still make this exact yarn though, I would have to check, but I can do it in any color. you can email me directly at ashley.cherishedbliss {at} gmail.com if you would like to discuss purchasing one. : )

  1. Jeanette says

    I haven’t crochet in 20 years. How hard is this and about how long to make? Guess if I can’t do it I will hand it all over to my mother. So cute! Thanks

    • Ashley says

      It’s not hard at all. I’m not super advanced at crochet, so it just uses your basic double crochet, half double crochet, and then a front post and back post stitch (there are great tutorials on youtube for those – and they aren’t hard at all!) Honestly, I’m not sure how long it takes… I’m not super and I never get to sit and crochet for long amounts of time with my kids…I’m always up and down : ) I would imagine if I sat non stop it would take me a few hours of good work, mainly because it’s so long. It’s easy to shorten the length though. I’m sure if you are fast you could knock it out pretty quick since it’s such an easy pattern. Let me know if you have any other questions! Have a great weekend!

  2. says

    My Gran showed me how to crochet YEARS ago!! I could probably wing it w/ a chain stitch but wouldnt remember how to turn round & come back!! I downloaded a tutorial on “How to Crochet” so this would be a GREAT project once I learn the basics!! THANKS so much for sharing this w/ us!!!!!

    • Ashley says

      Thanks Chelle! It is a pretty easy pattern to follow! You should be good to go! Let me know if you have any questions!

  3. CamelliaJhonson says

    The woolen hats are perfect to worn by the baby during winter, the design is too excellent, which really adds to the charm of the baby, it is really easy to prepare and a fun loving experience.
    Gestuz online

  4. Megan says

    I need some help with the gauge on this. I have mad three different sizes and keep coming out super small. I am using Worsted and an I hook. Please help!

    • Ashley says

      So sorry you are having problems with the pattern. I’m not sure what the problem would be. I have made this hat several times with different types of yarn, and it always comes out right for me as well as having testers. I’m not super experienced in crocheting, but maybe try a larger hook? What yarn are you using? I have used some thinner worsted weight yarns (not for this particular hat) but maybe that’s the problem? What size are you wanting to make and how small is it coming out compared to what it should be? If you could give me the measurements of the hats that you are making and the sizes they are supposed to be maybe I could try and figure it out.

  5. Kathy O says

    Thanks so much for posting this. It’s just what I was looking for! We have been praying at church for a baby born @ 22 weeks a few months ago, who despite multiple crises and surgeries is now almost 6 pounds, developing well, and it looks like she will be able to go home for Christmas! I will love making one of these for this little miracle!

  6. says

    My only new years resolution is to start my own blog/site by my birthday January 15th when I turn 45yrs.

    This is THE EXACT thing I was looking for to make for one of my daughter’s friend’s new baby. He is Absolutely Adorable and I actually get to babysit him a few times per week.
    I’ve been on permanent disability since 2003-April I think, maybe June…don’t remember, not important.
    I have had more than 12 spinal cord and brain specialists, some from Europe, who have all told me that I should be 6′ under, that there is no earthly way I can still be walking(even with my bad limp-lol) and I certainly shouldn’t be able to do anything complicated.
    I love crochet!
    Your design is a masterpiece as is the picture attached to it!
    Thank you so much for letting other use this design!

    I’m going to, hopefully, be able to post some of the hundreds of original designs of my own when I finally start my blog.

    When I do, I will definitely come back and share with you!

    You are Truly Gifted as a designer! I was just tripping along through your site when I came upon this pattern!

    I’ve been crocheting since I was 9 years old, been teaching since I was in my early 20’s and I’m very impressed by your wonderful talent!

  7. Ashley says

    Thanks for the pattern! I’m having a hard time starting it though. When it says to chain 2, then dc in the second chain from the hook, I’m not getting that part at all. Do I make a magic circle or…? Sorry, I’m not that great at this yet :(

  8. Kim Shively says

    Hi, I have looked all over for a pattern like this and have been unable to find one. For some reason I am having trouble printing this off dont, have a printer at home, so I am using the one at work, is there any way you can email me this pattern so I can print it off. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you very much.

  9. Renee says

    Thanks for sharing this pattern. I am going to make this for a friend who is having a baby boy in April. She is decorating his room in Dr. Suess and this hat along with a blanket will be perfect. Thank you!

  10. Mary Kennedy says

    Hi Ashley,
    Thanks for posting this gorgeous pattern but I’m having a few problems with it. Do you know what size a number 1 crochet
    hook is in mm. I used a 2.50mm hook but my finish hat is about 40mm (16 inches) and only about 9inches diameter. Could you tell me the finished length of your beautiful because I really want to make one for my brothers 1st grandchild.


  11. Jess says

    I would love to use this pattern for my friend’s newborn baby but my computer won’t let me download the file. Would you mind emailing it to me instead?


  12. Adena says

    I would really like to get this pattern. Starting to learn how to crochet and would make an awesome Christmas hat for my little guy.

  13. says

    Okay, I’m officially confused…your directions call for “one skein…” but they don’t say what SIZE skein. Even #4 yarn comes in everything from 3 oz to 16 oz skeins…

    • Ashley says

      There is a direct link in the pattern to the exact yarn that I used for your reference, you can find it here: http://www.yarnspirations.com/yarns/denimstyle. This particular yarn is for 3.5 oz and 196 yards. One skein of this yarn was more than enough for me to make the largest size hat (just to give you an idea). Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks!

  14. dotty says

    Ashley, i don’t think you get a much sweetie photo than the one you have for this hat. Believe it or not, I am starting my Christmas gifts for next year right now…which starts with a pattern search. I think I have found one for my those little ones on my list. Going to try it in a variety of colors. Blessings and thanks for sharing, DD

  15. Lee says

    This hat is precious and so is that sweet baby! Thanks so much for sharing the pattern. I have started this twice and have only gotten to about the 10th round. My work looks like a twisted cone. I think I might be missing something in rounds 2-12. What does it mean to single stitch in the same as joining? It is the ‘same as joining’ that I do not understand.

    Also, I made 6 double crochets in round 1. So, in round 2-12, there is one single crochet, some double crochets, and 6 slip stitches. Is this 6 double crochets – one in each of the double crochets from round 1?

    Thanks so much for your help with this! I cannot wait to get started!

    • Ashley says

      Hi Lee! The sc in same as joining takes the place of a chain 2. When you sc in the joining stitch it helps to eliminate that seam you can get when crocheting in the round. You will not join in your sc, when you get to the end of the round you will skip the “sc in joining” and slip stitch into your first dc. Does that make sense? Treat this sc as you normally would a chain at the beginning of a round.

      In rounds 2-12 when it says sl st into first double crochet that is where you are joining the round (skipping over that first sc). So after your last dc you will sl st into your first dc.

      Hope that helps clear some things up : ) Also, the hat will be a little twisted while you are working on it because it’s such a skinny tube, but it all works out in the end. This is why you join each round rather than crocheting it in a spiral, it keeps each row even if you are changing colors.

      Let me know if you have any other questions. : )

      • Lee says

        Thanks so much for your reply, but I am still confused! Sorry! In round 2, do I single crochet in the same stitch with the 6 double crochets? And then in round 3-12, where do I put the single crochet? What about in round 2-12, are there 6 double crochets – one in each of the double crochets from round 1 (or the previous round)?

        • Ashley says

          No problem! You know how most patterns in the round have you chain 2 (or maybe 3) Instead of doing that, you just simple sc in the same stitch where you joined the round. This does NOT count as your first stitch. After doing this you move on to your 6 dc just like the previous round. And you keep going with this technique. The only purpose of this is to avoid that traveling seam in the hat. If you aren’t a fan of this technique you can just omit the sc in same as joining and ch 2.

          Yes, in rounds 2-12 there are 6 dc, one each of from the previous round.

          Let me know if this helped at all. I’m not an expert on crocheting, so my explaining skills are probably lacking ; )

  16. Bonnie Jenkins says

    Made one hat loooved it-Gave it away. Would love to make another one. Can’t seem to find the site to print pattern again. Hope you can help. My neighbor has the cutest little 18 month old that would love it.

  17. Athena says

    I can’t wait to make this for my daughter!! So adorable!!! I wanted to make one last hear for her first Christmas but second will do!! Then I’ll always know how to make one for my next little one!!

    • Ashley says

      Hi Deborah, You would just need to add a few more rows that increase in size, then continue on with the adjustments you have made :) I’m not super great at crocheting, so I hope this helps. This was just a pattern I had to create for a friend. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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