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How it all started

I thought I would share with everyone how I got started in what I do.
Luckily I have gotten my kids in the order I wished – boy then girl –
I had found a picture before I was pregnant with my daughter and decided that it was how I was going to decorate my daughter’s room. It was an advertisement to a shabby chic store, Camille’s, in Old Town Spring here in the greater Houston area.
I couldn’t find the original picture… I know I saved it, it’s in a special place : ) But I found this online and it’s pretty close…definitely the same chair and a few of the same accessories
Of course I could NOT find anything like this for the price range I could afford. So I thought to myself I love doing crafts and I have always wanted to learn to sew… so I did. I taught myself to sew by watching you tube. It’s amazing what you can learn from there!
Now I have to admit that learning to sew crib bedding for your first real project (unless you count that pillow I made freshman year) is a little frustrating at times, but I’m glad I pushed through and got it all done. I wish I had done a few things different, but I’m sooo happy with how it turned out.
Here it is, my little princess’ room. Unfortunately it has not looked this good in a while….life as a busy mama
I actually moved the little bench in front of that ugly cord cause you would never know it…but there is a closet office behind those curtains!! It has since been moved but it was hidden pretty good I think : ) I had to hand a shower curtain rod and some solid white curtains on it cause you could see the computer through the sheer curtains.
The very first thing I made was her quilt which I 100% LOVE. And so does she.. : ) Makes me a happy mama. She cuddles it every night wrapped tightly in her hand while sucking her thumb!!
Here is a close up.
It wasn’t completely fished here. I can’t take a picture of it now because it is in Addison’s hands as we speak!! : ) but the back of it is the same chenille that is the border. It is super snuggly!
I re did all the furniture. Her changing table was a hiddeously ugly desk I bought on a local yard sale website for $20… awesome find! Offers that much more storage!
I bought the little dresser before I even knew I was pregnant…much less having a girl. (my husband was pretty sure I was crazy at this point) but it was totally worth it. It was from 1927 and I bought it from the sweetest old lady whose own daughter didn’t want it…which kinda made me sad because it had been in the family from the beginning. But I was honored to be apart of that history. It’s such a cute piece!! I had to paint it and changed the knobs. I have to be honest though… I didn’t “shabby chic” that piece. I was about 9 months pregnant and it looked good enough : ) The changing table however I had fun beating up a little and glazing it.

The best part is… It’s a desk so it is versatile!!
And of course the Crib mobile I made…which I have a free tutorial for on my blog, you can click here to see it. I also have a free tutorials for the pictures above the changing table here.
This is a close up of the bumper pads… I have a secret on these… I did NOT slip stitch the bottoms… again 9 months pregnant so I just folded those ends up and sewed it away! Not super pretty…but you never ever see it!
And here is the skirt which is a whole lot easier than I though… I never thought I could gather anything! But it’s really not that bad!
Below is a close up of the crib which I re did as well…it was from the sixties and actually meets all the safety requirements! I checked first : ). But I re did it and beat that one up a little to give it that “shabby” feel…which took FOOOREVER!! I learned my lesson….start sooner cause you will have a giant belly in the way!
So that’s it…the whole nursery that got me started in sewing. I am so happy I did it and despite the stress of finishing before she came….I will totally do it for my next one.
Next I am working on my son’s room. I want to make him a quilt for his bed!
If you have any questions about anything just ask : )


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  1. Johanson Family says

    Such a talented lil' diva!! I love it!! We all have to start somewhere, even though I've yet to find my starting point, I'm glad you found yours and I hear it can be addicting once you get to sewing!! You're doing awesome!! Love all of it!!!

  2. abeachcottage says

    Your daughter's bedroom is so beautiful, love the quilt and the desk and everything else really. They all go so well together!

  3. Nicolette @ Momnivore's Dilemma says

    That crib bedding was your FIRST sewing project??? Wow. That rooms is chic and serene…

    If you have a moment this weekend, please link up and share this room with my readers!

    Creative Juice

  4. Rachael@Lovely Crafty Home says

    You did a great job! I can't believe these were your first sewing projects! Amazing. Thanks so much for linking up :)

  5. Nicolette @ Momnivore's Dilemma says

    Your stunning nursery is going to be featured this week @ Creative Juice Thursday! {2/24}

    Thanks for linking up!


  6. Lindley says

    I love the idea of using the desk as the changing table because once she outgrows diapers, it will still be a useful piece of furniture.
    Good job! The room turned out great.

  7. Nicole@Thrifty Decorating says

    That is an absolutely beautiful room for a little girl! Thanks so much for linking to Thrifty Thursday! :)

  8. At The Picket Fence says

    Absolutely adorable! So sweet and perfectly girly. :-) We just gave our crib away after 8 years and 2 kiddos and seeing this made me miss it again! You really did a fantastic job and we are so glad you came by and linked up to Inspiration Friday this week!

  9. The Answer Is Chocolate says

    Oh my gosh what a gorgeous room! You did an amazing job and I'm so glad you linked up to my "BFF" link party!

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