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Snowflake Crown Photo Prop

Happy Monday!

I know I’ve been obsessing over fall lately, but let’s face it… Christmas IS coming!
Which, despite my new found love for fall, is still my ALL TIME favorite time of year!

Lifestyle Crafts just so happens to be releasing their new wintertide line .
I used their new Snowflake Die to make this…….

Snowflake Crown Photo prop via Cherished Bliss @LifestyleCrafts

The Snowflake Die is really a fun one! It comes with 5 different snowflakes that you can use to mix, match and layer for that beautiful winter look!

Snowflake Crown Photo prop via Cherished Bliss @LifestyleCrafts
{image via Lifestyle Crafts}

Now, my daughter is the most beautiful little girl and she loves attention! Put a camera in front of her and well…
Let’s just say I work harder for her pictures than I do my laundry!

Snowflake Crown Photo prop via Cherished Bliss @LifestyleCrafts

She’s gorgeous right? Sometimes I just don’t know what we are going to do with her, she’s too cute!

Don’t let that little face fool you though, this is what most looked like

Snowflake Crown Photo prop via Cherished Bliss @LifestyleCrafts

Oh well, at least we got one, and when I say one.. I literally mean ONE good shot!

I have a few more of these photo props up my sleeve! We will be using them for our Christmas cards this year
(don’t tell the hubs yet, but he will be wearing a top hat ; ) )

Maybe we’ll have to have a Christmas party at our house this year so I can bribe some guests to use these!
Seriously though, you have to check back because the other ones I’m working on are so.much.fun!

I’ll give you a little sneak peek? What do you say?

Snowflake Crown Photo prop via Cherished Bliss @LifestyleCrafts
See… cute right!

Will you be making photo props this Christmas Season?

 Snowflake Crown Photo prop via Cherished Bliss @LifestyleCrafts

Don’t forget, you can get 20% off all Lifestyle Crafts Products using my discount code!


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    • Ashley says

      Thanks Laura! Unfortunately that’s how most our pictures turn out… when I don’t need her to be all cute and still, she wants all the pictures you can get! Little toot ; )

    • Ashley says

      Thanks Ginger… she is a mess! When I don’t need pictures of her she runs around waiting for the camera… when I need to photograph something she becomes a jumping bean… kids ; )

    • Ashley says

      Thanks Rachel! Funny thing is that she loves her pictures being taken… just not when I need them to be good pictures, lol

    • Ashley says

      haha! That’s what starring at a die for several hours will do to you! : ) Plus I was already making other photo props, now I just hope my kids will use them! : )

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