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Yarn Ball Wreath {tutorial}

I have been working on my Christmas mantel for a while now, and I’m almost done. I just finished my yarn ball wreath. I’ll show you the whole mantel in a few days. I’m still working on stocking holders and stockings!
cheap way to make a yarn ball wreath via cherishedbliss.com
Here is what you will need:
wreath form
hot glue gun
First you will take a Styrofoam wreath and wrap it in yarn.
yarn wreath
Next, I wadded up newspaper and wrapped yard around it until all the newspaper was covered and it was a ball shape. With newspaper you can keep squishing it until it is almost a perfect ball! I chose to do this in 3 different colors, off white and red. I threw in some twine for a change in texture and I love how it turned out!
yarn balls
I added my burlap strap before I glued the balls on that part so that it would be behind all the yarn balls! Then you just start gluing the balls to the wreath and to each other until you are happy with it!
cheap way to make a yarn ball wreath via cherishedbliss.com
WARNING: it is very easy to keep making balls to fill in the gap! You get to a point where you just have to quit : )
cheap way to make a yarn ball wreath via cherishedbliss.com
This is a little time consuming to wrap all the balls, I did it in the kitchen in between life, lol… and I did it a lot while watching TV with the kids and hubby.
It was totally worth all the work! I love it on my mantel. I’m thinking Christmas year round! : )


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  1. Michelle@ourwonderfilledlife.com says

    yes I do love your blog design, so pretty!! As is the wreath, I love it and wanted to make one, thanks for the how-to!! ;)

  2. Kerryanne English says

    Pretty blog design… always nice to have a little change.

    Gorgeous wreath – I love that shade of cherry red too.
    Festive hugs ~ Kerryanne

  3. Anita @ Cedar Hill Ranch says

    Hi Ashley, I sent you an email recently but am unsure if you got it. Please email me. I had a blogging opportunity for you if you are interested. :)

  4. Jen says

    Well aren't you clever! I love that you used wadded up newspaper for the yarn ball fillers, so much cheaper than buying styrofoam balls! Thanks for linking up to the Head to Head Showdown! ~Jen

  5. Ann @ makethebestofthings says

    Balled up newspaper! You are a genius. Love how the colors work with the jute, too. Beautiful wreath!

  6. Amy says

    Great idea to use newspaper, thanks! Yours looks really cute, I thinking of jumping on the bandwagon and making one too.

  7. AmieAnn says

    Love it.. so simple and beautiful! Can't wait to see the whole mantel!
    Thanks so much for sharing with the Pink Hippo Party.. can't wait to see what you share next!

  8. Allison {A Glimpse Inside} says

    Super cute! Very festive!
    Thanks for linking up to this week's Catch a Glimpse party. I'll be featuring this tomorrow.

  9. Redo 101 says

    Love the wreath – newspaper, what a great idea! The colors you chose work beautifully together. Thanks for sharing!


  10. Alex says

    Hey, I was wondering… how sturdy are these yarn balls? Will they unwind? Do you use anything to seal them?

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