About Us

Hi there! I’m so glad you have stopped by my blog! I’m Ashley and I love Coffee!



Now that we have my addictions out of the way. I am a mom to three beautiful children! I know.. there is only two in the picture above, but I haven’t gotten back our latest family pictures, and my newest little guy is currently 5 weeks (as of August 27th) I’ll be posting the new pictures soon. My kids are the light of my life! They are always around me and and they inspire me 100% of the time. I love to sew things for them, craft for the holidays, and decorate my home. (ok fine, I like doing a lot more than that!)

I am super excited to have finally moved into a house for good. We’ve moved 4 times in less than 2 years! Nope, I didn’t switch those numbers! So to know that I’m not moving for a very very long while is super exciting! I have been dying to paint a wall. This blog has mainly been little craft projects, sewing, and small decor items, but my heart is in decorating, DIY projects, and redoing furniture. I am so excited I can finally share this with you!

A little background here… 18 months ago we moved to Wisconsin from Texas. Total cross country move for us leaving behind all our family, and everything we knew! It has been an exciting journey as my husband is now fulfilling his calling to the ministry as a full time worship leader for our church. It has been an exciting adventure so far, and we look forward to each new day! God has truly blessed us in this venture!

So that about covers the basics. I did a getting to know me series a while back, so if you want to catch up on what makes me tick you can do so here: Part 1 (the Good) Part 2 (the Bad) and Part 3 (the Ugly)

Have questions? Just ask me! ; )